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What's one more???

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Went and visited Emily and the family and as I was sitting down in her front room, this black and white streak of terror raced in and jumped right on my lap! LOL It was mama kitty (or mama kitten I should say) She did not leave my side for an instant during the visit. Her family is growing and fat and sassy looks like such a wonderful home, and Emily's cats are accepting of the newcomers as well.

As we were sitting there visiting, Emily would look often at Audacious sitting in my lap and finally just spoke up and told me that this cat needs to be with me. LOL Like I need another cat! But, Emily and I struck a deal. She will keep the family together until the kittens are old enough to be weaned, then she will keep all the kittens if I will take the mom. I looked at this black and white female and remembered how fearless she was when she arrived at my place.(Hence her name) How she stood her ground with all my cats including the indomitable Ripster, how she walked across the knives displayed in the cases in the shop and how she loved to snuggle with Mike when he settled for his weekend nap. So, I told her I would take her. Maybe I should change her name to Kismit? LOL Or my name to Sucker? The only thing is the person who left her with me could come back and claim her- then what do I do?? Emily looked kind of sad when she walked me to the door, with Auddi at my heels. She said she loves this little girl, but it looks like this little girl has me in her heart. But that's okay, there is something special about Auddi and she has my heart as well.
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Hissy, just make sure you let Mike read that heartwarming tribute to your relationship on the "How We Met" thread moments before springing this one on him.
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And a brat to boot! He read the thread last night at my urging, and then said he was surprised I didn't share the best part of our courtship. So I told him, I would add to it under that thread, and then forgot I promised him that. So I will go and do it now. It might make someone giggle, though at the time, I wanted to kill him! LOL
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Well now I will have to go check that out hissy!
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One can never have to many feline companions as long as you can afford to take care of them. I think Rene,Donna and I are proof of that. When I brought Antarctica home I needed another cat in the house like I need a hole in my head. Happy endings are the best though, I now have another cat to love and care for and she has a home forever
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Yep Mary, your a sap/sucker! Just like me! Congratulations!
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Socrates says HI!
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Now I only mean this as a compliment, but in that picture, Socs resembles you! The look on his face is just like the one on yours in that picture in the Members Gallery.
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