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male cat still trying to mate when been castrated

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hi all was wondering is it normal for a male cat to still have the urge after being castrated i have two females and a male all beutered ect bbut he still constantly tries with the girls to which e gets a total beating from them is this behaviour normal? thanks x
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How long ago was the male neutered? The hormones cycle out of their systems over the course of a couple months after a neuter, so they will still act somewhat tom-ish.

If he was neutered a long time ago, you're going to have to distract him when he tries to mate. Usually that is a sign of attention-seeking in a fixed male, and redirecting that into a play session will tire him out, stop the mating behavior, and probably fix other unwanted behaviors you haven't even thought about.
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it was over 2 years ago its weird when my 2 year old daughter cries triggers it off and sometimes when the girls r on there ed sleeping he gives a purr and then well u knw
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I know with dogs this is fairly normal, and simply dominance behavior (the "alpha" dog will try to mount other dogs in the household to signify their dominant status) but I honestly have no idea if this behavior exists in cats too. Still pretty new to cats myself!
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Has this behavior been going on for the past 2 years? It sounds like the behavior may have something to do with your daughter being born. From his perspective, you got a new companion to replace him when you had your daughter, AND you had him neutered at the same time (adding to the displacement anxiety). Cats sometimes act out when a baby is born because there is inevitably less attention paid to them. This is just a guess, but I think your cat might be triggered by your daughter because for the past two years, every time your daughter has cried you have probably dropped everything to go attend to her. Your cat sees this, and associates your daughter crying with him not getting any attention. Then he goes to "mate" with the girls to try and get your attention, or in a misguided attempt to play with the girls. Your cat is jealous of your daughter. You should try to curb this behavior soon, or your cat may end up resenting your daughter and then scratching/biting issues could come into play towards her.
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Your daughter's yell must sound like a female cat in heat lol..............

I've had neutered boy cats that did that, it wasn't very frequently though. It would make sense if the cat had mated with a female before being castrated... or was castrated later in life.

Guess that didn't help much lol. :p
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It is not an uncommon behaviour - there are several people here with cats who try to mate with one or more of their companions (or even owners!) My Wellington is one example - he regularly mounts his constant companhion Biscotte and she kjust lets him get on with it while he goes through all the motions. He also tries to mate with cushions, stuffed toys and even me. I think it is partly dominance, partly comfort and partly even affection. But it doesn't do anyone any harm, even if it is a bit disconcerting at times. My vet has told me to ignore it or to redirect him to a toy if I don't want his attentions!
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