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Im not sure if its at all Petsmart stores or not but they had their little cans of Proplan for 27 cents a can, thats half off. It just like Fancy Feast, my cats love the sardines and and tuna in aspic.
I loaded up on alot of the flavors for the cats. They have a kitten formula too. They also have the Whiskas Cat Milk for 50 cents too.
I had to go and get Royal Canin Special 33 for 2 here that have sensitive stomach, they just started carrying it at Petsmart. I'm so glad! If anyone uses the Proplan canned you can get it for half off right now if its the same in all stores. I bought my dogs a Greenies bones and they love those too. I wanted to try them but they are really expensive by the whole bag and they had singles and boy did they love them.