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Free Kittens Available in Pasadena, CA

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I hope I am not breaking any rules by posting this message to this forum. If so, please let me know and I'll remove it right away.

I had adopted a female stray cat/kitten and cleaned her up and took care of her. However, it seems she was on her own for a long time and was very small. I was unable to determine her age. Before I knew it, she went into heat and got pregnant. I had thought she was still a kitten.

So I have three kittens I am looking to place into caring homes. I would keep them myself except that I have another cat already and also will be keeping the mother of the kittens. Ontop of that I have some other animals...

I am reluctant to place them into ANY humane society and wish to place them into homes myself. I have become very attached to these kittens and want to see them happy. There are two males and one female. All are weaned and are 8-weeks old. They are black and white and very, very cute. (picture attached)

I live in Pasadena. Please contact me if you are interested.

Thanks so much,
Jordanne ( newdestiny@att.net )
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Jordanne the pictures didn't come up! Also it is better for the kittens to stay with their mom until they are 12 weeks old. This way they have been weaned slowly and socialized by their mom. It is MUCH less stressful for both Mom and Kits as well. Also do not place an ad for free kittens as they are often used to bait pit bulls or taken to labs for research. Have you made a contract for the new owner to sign? Something to the effect they will provide food, water, vet care, to not de-claw, and keep the kitten indoors only. You can also add if the placement doesn't work out they will return the kitten to you to be re-homed.
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Sorry about the pictures... I'll give it a shot again. Hopefully it will work this time.

Yeah, I know about the kittens staying with their mother until they are 12 weeks old, I simply wanted to "line up" possible adopters so to speak.

Sorry about the "free" part. I just trusted this forum enough to post it. However I have not placed any ads in my local paper because I wouldn't trust anyone that responds to it.

I do have a sort of contract, but it's a good idea to add that they may return the kitten to be rehomed if they cannot provide for it. Thanks for that idea! :-)

The female is on the left, the two boys are on the right.

This is their mother, Cassidy. I've adopted her.

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how cute!!!! hope they all find good homes!!!!
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awww they are sooo cute!!
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I adore black & white kitties! I hope you are able to find them good homes.
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How precious they are -- especially that pic in the basket!!
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They are adorable! I'd take one in a second if I didn't already have six.

Are you getting any interest yet?
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They are adorable!
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Yes, the kittens sure are cute. I'm getting really attached to them. Unfortunately, our street seems to be a common dumping place for unwanted cats/kittens and I'm the one that always picks them up. I have adopted a few over the years and with the others I have done my best to give them good homes.

These kittens' mother was dumped off and was a bit wild so my brothers rigged up a trap to catch her before she went feral. Because if she becomes feral, the Humane Society will put her to sleep. So our only hope is to catch the cats that are dumped off here when they are still young and Cassidy was still rather young -- though a bit older than the other kittens I've rescued. I was surprised at how much she became a real sweetie despite being half-feral.

And then she had these kittens before I could get her spayed.

Catsplay.com (Amy Strycula) -- Yes, aren't they cute in that basket! They all squished together like that themselves; I just had to take a picture. That is one problem with digital cameras -- I take a picture of everything! There is a whole folder on my computer dedicated to cats.

NoahsMommy -- I have had some interest, but no takers. With all the unwanted kittens we have had, I seem to have exhausted out the resources of my friends.

One of the kittens (the female) is very, very sweet. She loves to sit with anybody and doesn't ever meow. While reading a website, I saw that some of these Pet Therapy Organizations for hospitals are looking for cats like that. I would love to raise her myself and do that kind of work but with my busted down heap of a car, I really can't drive anywhere. So I was hoping to find a member of these groups that might want to adopted a sweet kitten for Pet Therapy.

Also I already have a bunch of pets that take up my time (5 chickens, 2 ducks, 2 bunnies, and 2 cats) so I think I'm pretty maxed out on animals. My dad thinks that if I adopt any more animals, we might as well give the house to the pets....

But, I think I may convince him to keep one of these kittens (he's attached to the male with the almost all white face, but really doesn't want to admit it).... IF I find homes for the other two.

Any ideas?
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Can you take them to a local PetSmart or Petco on the weekend and sit with them. Many rescue organizations are there on weekends and they may allow you to "show" your kittens too? That's how we got two of our six cats.

Good luck. I know its so hard to find good homes these days. But you'll do it, those little guys are way too cute to have someone pass them up.

You could also take out a Petfinder add online at www.petfinder.com
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Our Humane Society doess waht they call Owner/Adoptionss. All you have to do is drop off your kitty on the adoption days and pick them up at the end of the day. They do require that the cats have been tested for feline lukemia and feline FIV.

My vet will also take in kittens and adopt them out. You might want to call all of the vets in your area and ask if they would do this.
Good Luck, the kittens are absolutely beautiful.
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Two of the kittens were adopted into loving homes!!

The little female went to a family who has three daughters and who had to put to sleep two of their cats who had incurable diseases. They wanted a companion cat to the one they have left and who is very lonely. The family emailed me and said they were very happy with their new kitten.

One of the others went to a guy who said he would never ever have a cat but was won over by the little male cat with the face stripe. I just talked to the man the other day and found out that his new little cat is now extremely spoiled. :-)

And the last one went to -- me! I was allowed to keep one! Yay!!!!

Thanks so much for all the help you guys offered! Mama cat is now spayed and new kitten will be neutered next week so I probably won't be giving away any kittens anytime soon, but who knows... our neighborhood seems like a dumping place for strays. *sigh*

Thanks again!
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