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Anyone else here a klutz?

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Today, in the lab, we were defrosting our big storage freezer. I decided to help the process along by mopping up some of the melted water that was collecting on the bottom. I bent over to start and WHAM! clobbered my head on a shelf support! I thought I'd play it off, but one of my coworkers said "Uh, do you know your forehead's bleeding?" I had managed to give myself a nice gash smack-dab in the middle of my forehead.

The good thing about working at a hospital is that I just had to grab one of the doctors on the floor to clean it and bandage it. But I do like the character Colin Farrell played in Daredevil-I have a big band aid X on the middle of my forehead. Thank God for bangs!

Is anyone else here a klutz?
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I feel you pain, If there is something to run into or trip over I will manage to do it. Once quite a few years ago, I was the manager at a loval video store and I was working alone in the morning hours. Well I bent over and smacked my nose on the counter and got a horrible bloody nose, of course customers kept coming in and I was so embarassed that I called one of my clerks to come in for about 45 minutes so that I could go into the back and get it to stop bleeding.
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ouch! Hope you are ok! I am a big klutz!
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hope it heals up quickly!

Is it just me or when something like that happens do you look around to see if anyone's seen you to see if you need to "play it off" or if you can go ahead & grasp your injured bodypart & *&^$%$* to yourself in privacy?
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I do that same thing!!
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I just grab the injured part and use non offencive words of pain. When you have 6 kids you can't play it off. The kids are too willing to share with everyone! "Did you see mommy bump her head? It was sooooo funny" *Demonic laughter*
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I too am a klutz. I used to regularly fall up steps. I trip over my own two feet once in a while.

I can't number the times I have noticed a new bruise on myself and thought, "Where the heck did that come from?!?"

A few years back, I broke my foot falling down one step. Yes, one.
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Zoey is a klutz!!!!!!!! LOL.
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Incredibly so. I always have bruises from banging myself up. I never seem to know just where my hands or feet are either.
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Mom of 10 Cats, I broke my ankle on one step. My orthopedist said that you're more likely to break something on a shorter fall like that.
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I am a klutz as well. I wonder if there is a support group for klutzes?
I am the kind of person that will trip over her own shadow.

Christy - I hope you are okay!
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Oh Christy...I feel your pain! I can't count how many times in a day that I do stupid stunts like that!

Take care of that forehead of yours...dang, that's gotta hurt!
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OUCH! hope it heals soon!! Yeah, my big thing is that the corners of counters always reach for my hips and always manage to bang into my hips and knick them pretty good, I don't know why those counters always do that!! Aargh!

I have so many times tripped up the stairs in college, so much so that I never live on second floors of apartments since they have spaces in between and I swear I'm going to fall through the spaces in the stairs

This one house of my ex, he built the attic into a room, but the roof sloped off, so the ceiling was pretty low, I constantly banged my forehead onto it, all the freaking time. Good thing we broke up!
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This just made me think of a good one I pulled when I was in High School. I had my own phone and it was upstairs in my bedroom. Well, I was in the kitchen and my phone took off ringing. I jolted towards the door and managed to jump before the first step. I smacked the top of my head on the door frame! literally knocked me silly! It hurt so bad, but to have hit the very top of my head on solid oak was a killer. I just fell to the ground and bawled like a baby. I said to hell with the phone call...I couldn't even see straight! It was kind of like those cartoons where when something hits them in the head and they see stars...I SEEN THEM!
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I'm not but my sister was! She used to fall up the hill when we'd go sledding. And she had bruises all over her body constantly. My parents were afraid someone would think they were abusing her!
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*Raises hand* You are talking to one of the biggest Klutz in South GA. I am constantly whacking arms, knees, head on something or another. I am a walking bruise I hope that your head feels better real soon, believe me I feel your pain.
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I am always getting bruises, and I have no idea where they came from!
I am what is known as doplich (DOP-lick) to the PA Dutch around here.

I gave myself a nice bump on the forehead today, when I was frantically searching for Faile. I thought she bolted when there were workmen in my house, installing windows. I had carried her upstairs, and thought she got out when I opened the door to check on her and Molly.

She didn't but I spent about 15 minutes moving stuff in my bedroom. It has an angled roof, since it's the attic, and a cutout part for the window. I was moving boxes near the cutout, and when I went to stand up I smacked my head on the edge of wall/ceiling. It still hurts, and is swelling. Should look lovely by tomorrow.
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Thanks for the good thoughts. It doesn't hurt, the band aids just look funny. I had chicken pox really bad as a child and have many scars on my face from that. This is just one more to add to the collection!

I think my pride was more hurt than anything . I've learned the best thing to do is to laugh it off, because if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? So, at work tomorrow I'll probably show everyone my "war wound" from my fight against the evil freezer. I think it won!
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I'm usually not a klutz, but I had a small accidient at the nursing home I work at a couple of years ago. I was walking down the hall when a very slow moving resident came out of her room right in front of me. I tried to go around her and tripped over the footrest of a wheelchair sitting outside another room. I made so much noise falling that two of my co-workers thought that it was the resident who had fallen and came rushing over to help. It was really embarassing, especially when my supervisor decided my foot should be checked by an MD and took me to the clinic across the street in a wheelchair!
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I'm definitely not graceful. I seem to be finding bruises all over my body lately, but I can't figure out where they're coming from.

I also got used to smacking my head against the underside of desks. I barely feel it anymore. Tech support can be a dangerous field!
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JB, you're a woman after my own heart! My countertops reach out & grab me, too!

Good to know we have fellow klutzes out there...just hope noone hurts themselves to much...y'all be careful now, y'hear?

One thing I've learned over time & hard knocks...pride leaveth during a fall.
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