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Attention LOTR fans

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Have you seen the new poster? It stopped my in my tracks last week when I was in the movie theater.

Can't wait for the movie, the book is sooooo awesome. It really is Aragorn's story, means we'll get to see lots of Viggo!
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Two words-hubba hubba!
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I have to say, that guy is really hot!! Who is he?
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Where is Sicy's smilie with the tongue hanging out and drooling when you need it??????
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Viggo Mortensen. He was in Witness (ages ago) and the recent remake of Psycho. Oh, and 28 Days with Sandra Bullock.
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He was also in A Perfect Murder (that's his actual artwork in the studio apartment) and GI Jane.
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what part did he play in Witness?
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He cleans up rieal nice, doesn't he? (No more scruffy Ranger)
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Which part did he play in 28 Days? Was he her drunken boyfriend?
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Viggo was the baseball player in rehab with her in 28 Days.

And Brenda, if I happen into any of the mini-promo posters for this one, you are first on my list to send one to. I thought of you when I first saw the poster! LOL
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Think he goes for older women?

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Thanks, Heidi, I had you in mind when I started this thread! Did I ever mention that one of my friends bought me the Aragorn action figure? He's in my desk at school, he's my classroom mascot, and none of my students get to touch him. They ask, I say NO, he's mine! They think I'm crazy, but that's ok.

Tess, his role in Witness is small, he was the young widower, I think.

Sue, I like the scruffy Ranger look, too.
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MMMMMMM...Nice REAL Nice * fanning over here* Is it hot in here?
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Here's a link to more on Viggo, someone has a lot of time on their hands. It shows his many talents beside acting--painting, poetry, being multilingual. Sigh, how can you get more perfect than that?

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