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This tortie has been booked in

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After months of talking and contemplating, between my wife and I, we have come to a major decision and turning point in our lives - this 33 year old cat lover received his letter this morning in the post that means the worst is yet to come for me :-( Yes, the letter came, the phone call was made and at 15.30 gmt next monday, I am going to get snipped.
My male cat has so far not stopped laughing at me I swear and if he carries on, he will be getting my water pistol so fast! He knows I swear it and has a fixed grin on his tabby cat face.
My wife is very supportive, she would be and has so far talked about getting me one of those cat and dog collars (cheeky sod) to stop me getting to the stitches when its done.
Just for the record - my wife was seriously ill when she gave birth and following complications and stress, the gp has stated that they are 98 per cent sure the same could happen again and she could lose all her hearing this time. She is half deaf following the pregnancy. It is better me getting snipped and being off work a few days than her getting it done and being off work for months.
I may not be on next week much - may be sat on ice for a while!!!
Spare a thought for this old man and please tell me I am right in doing this - I love her loads, am very happily married - but am a man and have a VERY low pain theshold!
feeling like there may be a cat-astrophe coming!
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Hi Kev!

Good Luck & I look forward to your return!

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good luck
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I am sure all will go well for you and will send "No Pain" vibes!
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You're a good man, Kev! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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LOL, it will be over before you know it. My hubby had to put on an old fashion women's rubber girdle and go out and dig up water pipes in the horses stalls to fix a broken pipe that was gushing, the morning after his operation. He joked that like our boy cats, now he just SITS IN THE SANDBOX AND STARES! Good Luck!
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My brother in law had it done, and he didn't suffer any real after pain. In fact he was joking about it, right afterwards.

It'll be fine, and I think you're making the right decision. Don't want to take any chances with your wife's health.
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good luck! It will be fine!
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Awww good luck. You know it makes Tomcats much more loving and less prone to spraying! Thinking of you... make sure you get a treat from the vet, I mean doc, for being a good boy, when it's over.
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Two very good friends of mine have had it done, and both said it wasn't that bad at all.

Good luck Kev! You're a very good man to do this for your wife.
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Wow! Good luck! My dad had the same thing done. Wonder if hubby will? *thinking*
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Good luck Kev!
We just had this discussion at work the other day. Two of my co-workers husbands had this done. One said he sat in his lazy boy for 3 days icing them down, but the other said he was out mowing the lawn that afternoon.

Either way...I'm wishing you a speedy recovery!
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It will be ok. My hubby had it done and he didn't have any problems. It was so funny tho, the dr and I talked and joked while he was doing the "snipping" It was done in his office needless to say.

You are a gentleman to do this. Although, it doesn't take that much to tye a woman's tubes. But then I don't know your wife's medical condition so that may not be an option.
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Good luck Kev! And you'll be fine! Make sure you have lots of ice ready to put between your legs. It really is absolutely necessary! Keeps the swelling down and the pain.
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WOW! You are the Man! I don't know of any men around here that would do that. I don't even think my Hubby would....hmmmm...maybe something I need to talk to him about. Speedy recovery to you and No pain vibes headed your way.
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You'll be fine. Pls do not worry.
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Ice and complete stillness is the trick. My ex got "snipped" and that's what helped him.
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Hey Kev -- not to worry. My husband had it done, and it was almost a non-event. No problems at all.

As for you, my man, it's a noble thing you are doing. Good on ya.
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