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Kittens eye stuck

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Hello all, kittens are nearly 4 weeks old now, and are growing well.

However one of the kittens has a problem with one of its eyes. It seems to be stuck together very similar to the way humans eyes do with conjunctivitis. There is also some yellow sticky mucus in the area, it has been this way for two days now. I'm constantly at it with warm water, trying to gently prise it open. However it sticks together soon as baby sleeps or feeds.

I have a tube of unused fucithalmic vet, and visco tears. i don't know if this is the brand name you use for them in the US, so i'm wondering if this is ok to use on a kitten of this age?
Kittens are otherwise fine in themselves.

Thanks all
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kitty needs to go to the vet. Use a warm wash cloth to see if you can get the ickies off so it can open it's eyes. Do not try to force the eyes to open though. Your kitty might have an eye infection.
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Yep sounds like a vet trip is in order. It is important to go, as the kitten could lose it's sight in that eye.
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I agree get that little one to a vet quickly. Don't use medication from one cat on another without your vet knowing about it first, especially on a kitten, and please do not try and pry open the eye, you could do a lot of damage to such a fragile orb.
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I've had kittens with this problem before. Usually the doctor has given me Terramycin, which is a topical antibiotic for their eyes. Mine had pneumonitis which is a type of upper respiratory infection that is more like conjunctivitis. A lot of times the gooey eye syndrome is accompanied by actual respiratory problems and kitties will need oral antibiotics. I'm not saying yours will, though. But if one kitty has gooey eyes, chances are the rest will get it. It's extremely contagious. I think they *can* grow out of it, but it isn't worth the risks involved.

The danger, as mentioned previously, is that kittens can lose their eye or vision if it continues. I have a kitten I rescued recently with a missing eye, which (I believe) was related to a severe URI he has. The reading I've done tells me that kitties can develop corneal ulcers and their eye will then rupture.. It can get pretty bad

Good luck with your babies! Hopefully it won't be that bad.
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When our outside kitty, Scrappy had her kittens they had the icky eyes and the vet gave me the ointment to clear it up, but the kittens also had the URI so they all had to have the oral antibiotics. So please call or go see the Vet.
When you clean their eyes using cotton swabs helps, just be gentle
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