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In Memory of Shadow

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In Memory of Shadow

For those of you who don't know,
But for those of you who care.
I lost my little Shadow today,
Who was only seven years.

He came to me all battered up,
I vowed that I would fix him up.
It took me two years to teach him,
But he finally decided to eat his own food.

He died just 5 minutes from seeing the Vet,
This is something I will never forget.
The Vet blamed himself,
I blamed myself.

For now there is no one to purr me to sleep,
So now I will just weep and weep.
He kept my feet warm during the night,
Boy oh boy what a sight!

With my heart broken,
I will try to go on.
But without my Shadow,
As he has past on.

God Bless My Little Babe!


This was just a little something I wrote the day he died. He passed away on May 1, 2003. I still miss him very much, even though I have 2 kittens now. I just wanted to share.
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I am unsure why you or the vet feel that you should be blamed for Shadow's death? From what you have written it sounds to me like Shadow got outside and got into a fight and succumbed to the wounds? I am guessing here...

I am sorry you lost your 7 year companion, and if the grief and or guilt is to great that can just prolong the sadness. There are pet grief counselors available that you can talk to if you wish to. I have left the link below-

Pet Grief Support

I am so sorry for your loss-
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Thank you very much for the link and your thoughts, Hissy. I'll be sure to check it out.

Shadow didn't die because he got loose or out of the house. I had taken him to the Vet for an examination, he was panting like crazy and just wouldn't calm down. The Vet asked me if I could please bring Shadow back in the next day bright and early in the morning. There were tests he wanted to do but he said that Shadow had to be asleep while he did the tests. I said fine to the tests and then we left the office. On our way home not 5 minutes later did Shadow have some sort of seizure in the van and died.

We rushed immediately back to the Vet and they pronounced him dead as I bounded threw their front door. The Vet did all he could but to this very day doesn't know what caused Shadow to have a seizure, let alone die.

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I'm so sorry abt your loss..it was sudden but I'm sure that Shadow is now at the Rainbow bridge and playing with so many other cats.
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Thank you so much for your reply, Kate. I'm sure that Shadow is playing with other cats at Rainbow Bridge! I would like to think that he is!

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omg how sad.. I am crying. Gosh I'm such a wuss.

I'm sorry for your loss.. I will tell Sasha to say hello to him over the bridge.
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My cat was also 7!
I hated taking him to the vets 'cuz he would get so worked up (panting, yoweling,).

I think that's why it upset me so much that he had to die there. . . . and to know that he "gave up" and "was depressed" in the days following his surgery. I could not stop blaming myself and still feel sick over it.

I am so sorry about your cat.
I wonder if the stress of the visit triggered something(like a stroke or heart problem)?

Did the vet offer any hints as to what caused his sudden/unexpected death?

Take comfort in knowing that he didn't suffer long and that he is in a better place.


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Thank you for your words, Laurie they really do mean a lot to me. I did ask the Vet if he had any ideas about why this happened to Shadow and he said that without doing a complete autopsy he wouldn't even begin to guess. He said that it wouldn't be fair to me and he really didn't want to add to my grief by doing an autopsy, so he suggested that I bring Shadow home and bury him. So I did and he lies surrounded by Quartz Crystals so that no harm will come to him. And so far no animal has gone near the site where he is buried, I'm glad that the Crystals have protected him!

Sicycat you are not a wuss! You are just showing that like all of us you have feelings and don't treat your cat or anyone elses as just a cat, but as a part of the family! So, please don't put yourself in a category where you don't want others to know how you don't feel. Let everyone see how you DO feel! I'm sure that Shadow is playing with Sasha and that they have become close friends, as with all the cats and kitties on Rainbow Bridge! Thank You for being a WUSS! LOL


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I certainly can understand your not wanting to have the vet perform an autopsy. I thought about asking to have one for my cat, but could not put him through that. You are brave to take your baby home to bury him yourself. The crystals sound like a wonderful idea.

I had my baby privately cremated. It doesn't thrill me to think about, but this way I can "take him with me" someday.

I already told my kids that I want him to be buried with me.

I had a number of pets that we buried when I was growing up. I always think about them when we drive by my parents old property. My dad buried them all under the fruit trees in his garden. It was a nice spot.

Take care.

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Thanks for the Hugs, Sicy! I can't seem to find that emoticon so I'll just have to hug you the old fashioned way, I hope you don't mind!


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