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I am interested in learning more about the spirit world of cats. I recently read that the Egyptians believed that cats and humans shared souls. . . why then mummified them and buried them with their owners. I like to think that my beloved George is with me still . . . following me around trying to get my attention. Tne night he passed our computer crashed & a light blew in the same room. My teenaged son never leaves the computer room and I think it was George's way of forcing my son to come out into the kitchen to comfort me.
I was watching Animal Planet's Pet Psychic last night and she communicated with a cat that had passed, explaining to the owner how it had probably died (it was a mystery) and also saying that the cat was sitting right next to her (in spirit) on the sofa! Does anyone have any unusual stories to share about cats in the afterlife or spirit world or any strange happenings when your cat or beloved pet passed on?
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After mt cat merlot died ,months after I was lying in bed and I heard a floor board creak and then felt something land on my legs on top of the duvet. i thought I was dreaming and thought no more about it. A few months later my sister was sleeping in the same bed, she came down stairs and said how she felt Merlot jump onto the bed the way he used to!!

I hadn't told her about my expierence. Occasionally I still feel him jumping onto my legs. It is a definate weight on my legs and I think it must be my new cat Willow but i look down and no cat.

I find it comforting as when we rescued him he had been very badly abused and was afraid of everyone and everything and it took alot of work to get him to trust me, but he liked our house so much he stayed even now! People may say i'm crazy but I don't care.
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I don't have any pet stories, but I believe they can and will come back to visit.
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When I was still living in the same house my cat Penny would appear out of the corner of my eye or I'd feel her get up on the bed.

Toes saw Penny once too, so I know she was there.

I have a post from earlier on cat ghosts. You might want to look for it.
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Thanks for sharing your most interesting stories!
I will search for the past threads on this subject.

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