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pics of otis & Willow

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This is Otis my new boy.
I hope this works!!!
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This is Willow.
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Ohhhhh, they are both adorable!!
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OMG! they are soo beautiful!!! I love their coats!!! Great pictures!
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Great looking kitties!! Otis is absolutely darling
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Oh theyre adorable!! I love Otis's shiny black coat and Willows beautiful face
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Gorgeous! And they both look really happy and healthy!
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They are cute aren't they!
Otis is a psycho, and Willow is very placid.
Willow was hand reared in the vets as she was abandoned and they kept rubbing her nose because they thought the markings were dirt.
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Ohhh - they are both so beautiful.
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Both your babies are adorable!
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Beautiful! That's funny about the nose...what a cute little black nose it is, too.
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I'm a sucker for all black or black and white kitties. I LOVE YOUR BABIES! Willow looks like Billy, my first cat. I have fond memories of him hiding in the bird house
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What sweeties! They're absolutely adorable.
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They are sooo sweet. I love her in the flower pot.
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they are so adorable!!!!
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Bump, just for you Sam
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Thanks Catherine.

They are absoultely precious I love that black/white face

give them from me, probably a good idea when otis has had his RR

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