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To All of You

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Just couldn't keep it in any longer - I love you all!
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you simply are the sunshine in my mornings i am so happy to have you in my life

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Thanks Billie!

Back at ya babe!

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Thank you! I feel the exact same way about you! You're a ray of light, for sure.

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this is me still smiling from this morning --------->
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Billie! Thank you so much for your thread and the nice things you have said about us all!!! We LOVE you too!!!!
I feel the same way about this place....if my computer ever breaks down, I will go through such awful withdrawal from you all, I may die!

I feel like there are people here, whom I have never actually met, that have become such a close and wonderful part of my life...I cannot live without you all now.... there are so many of you that I love so much!!!! Billie, Blue, Airprincess, Hissy, 3lk (darlene), Mr. cat, Meowman, Anne, donna, sandie, rene, michelle, frannie, cleo, deb25, (and ALL the Debbies...debras, etc...) dawn, nena, swalker, oh my gosh, i can't think of the rest of you that have touched my life so deeply, those are just the first ones that came to mind....oh yes, and suzie, and, and....I am having a great big brain bubble here....can't recall all the names, and I will be so ashamed if I left out someone, and I know I have....please forgive me!

I you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank You Billie!

Just came back from a nice walk in the Oregon Sunshine (rain) to get smokes (bad girl) and yours was the first post I read... it brightened things right up, and warmed my heart!

My computer was down for a month, and I missed you friends more than ANYTHING else...if it weren't for my furbabies
I would've lost whats left of my mind!

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All of you are just so sweet! I wish we could have a catsite conference somewhere.

:dali: :dali: :dali: :dali: :dali: :dali:
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Now MeowMan this is a neat idea!!!!!!
I so much wish I could see all of you but fear the guys from the local U.S. Embassy will never ever give me the visa
Two of my best friends (well since I've been at TCS actually a lot more of them ) live in the U.S. and I haven't seen them for more than a year now
So shall we elect an organisational body for the conference
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Bilie; Your spirit is so pure and sweet. . . .

Thank you for making us all feel so loved I remember your very first post, and your warmth traveled across the continent.
I think we all knew how "Special" you were from the very beginning
I think if we start planning now maybe we could get together in 2005 (on Cape Cod, remember) for a 5yr. anniversary of The Cat Site!

HOW ABOUT IT???? :pinky:
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Great, count me in! Maybe by then I'll have enough money and the US Embassy guys will give me a visa!!!
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Can't help with the government though...heck, I can't even understand them half the time!

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I don't think I can either Cleo
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I wish there was some way we could all meet sooner than 2005. Heck, me and Meowman will be 40 by then!!! :laughing: (actually I will be almost 40, and he will be 39) close enough...LOL

I guess I will have to be patient.
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Hey guys
Do we have a birthday list or something of the kind here???
I guess it would be nice if I could send you e-cards or postcards or something for your birthdays
Do you think it's a good idea?
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Friends of Bill the Cat are full of good ideas! My birthday anniversary occurs on 13th June.

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Awww, Billie, that is so sweet! You are an asset to these forums, indeed!
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Thanks Billie for the sweet thoughts....and to echo a fellow Catsite person...right back at you!!!!
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Billie........I'm October 6 .... I will be 36 (yukkkkkkk) on that date. How about YOUR age and birthday???
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I turned 26 on April 25.
You know good friends are like good wine - they only get better with years
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So I am 9 1/2 years older than you. That is fine, because my three closest friends are all younger than me...Lori by only a few months, Shannon by 6 years, and Tammi by 9 years!!!
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you just made my day sending you a little love from New Orleans
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Oh Billie....

You got me all mushy first thing in the morning...

By the way, if you go to the calendar link (at the top of every page), you will see the birthdays of every member that put that info on their profile. It really is the best way to keep all the info on the site. Those of you who still have not added their b-date to their profile - hurry up and do so or we'll miss your birthday!
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