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Ladies, I would like your help

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Hello ladies. I am currently working on a web page that is mainly geared at people who are looking into or new to owning a kitten or cat.

I would like to run by you the information that I'm planning to include on the site, and get your feedback. Do you think it's not necessary or do you know of something you don't see listed on here that you think others would benefit from?

*The Basics: History, general information (i.e. how long they live, how they compare to dogs, etc.)

*Purchase: This section will describe the different "types" of cats one can purchase (pure breeds, found strays, animal shelter, from homes that have litters). It will list the benefits/drawbacks to each kind, and give the user resources/tips on ways to go about each way of buying a kitten/cat.

*Cost: I have researched from different sites and books the average costs of owning a cat per year. I break down prices here to show what someone should expect to spend.

*Maintenance: What types of products one will need to buy, what they're used for, why they're important (i.e. food, flea/tick medication, shampoo, nails clippers, toys, etc.). This section will also be a general guide for what should be done for your cat on a daily/weekly basis.

*Care: This will list common answers to how to care for different types of cats/kittens (i.e. how should i care for an abandoned newborn?, how should i care for a kitten?, how should i care for a cat?, how should i care for an elderly cat?)

*Q&A: This section will be open for viewers to send in their questions. I will answer them to the best of my ability and also open it up for others to respond to the question.

*Creations: Tips/How-To's for homemade toys, scratching posts, etc. I will also open this for people to send in their creative creations.

*Quotes: Quotes for the cat lover.

*Fun Facts: Known and not-so-known facts about kittens and cats.

*Our Friends: A list of links/resources to other sites that we find helpful.

*Resources: A general list of resources for different things (i.e. to find purebreed cats, to find cheap cat toys online, etc.)

I am also looking for volunteers to test my site within the next few weeks - I would like to get user feedback on it to see what you like/don't like and to find out if it will be easy for all to access. If you are interested, please PM me so that I can add you to my list.

Thanks to all in advance for your feedback.
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I build websites. I would love to test out your site. From what you are including in the site, it sounds like it will be very informative and interesting. I hope you'll include some pictures. Eye Candy is always nice.
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