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So comfy!

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I was in heaven last night! Put my daughter to bed early and laid down on my couch to read my book (Harry Potter). Not a minute later here comes my snugglebun Morgan. Hes such a lover. He laid across my chest, so his head was on one side of me and his butt on the other side, just flopped straight across. Laid there for a good 20 minutes before taking a romp and then coming back again. Abby came and joined us, laying across my legs and feet
It couldnt have been sweeter!

Whats your favorite comfy cat thing? What do your cats do when they want to cuddle?
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Tailer sits next to you on the couch (not on you).

Toes will crawl right up on top of you and try to get as high as he can. He just LOVES being on top of people and getting love at the same time.
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My kitties curl up next to me, when I go to bed, and they sleep with my. My Snoopy shares my pillow with me. I love them sooooo much.
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