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Thank you everyone. The little girl is doing better and better now. Her belly isn't looking as sunken in anymore either. Last night she ate a WHOLE plate of food! She still is more reluctant to drink water though, but she seems to be getting enough.
I am sorry if I came across as being unappreciative of the local shelters. I know they are doing their best and are overcrowded right now, I was more angry and their lack of desire to even help me find the right way to go with her. I truly felt like they thought I was just a bother! And even more I was angry at the local vets. But I'm not going to go into that again. I'm just happy now that she's doing better, I get paid tomorrow so vet care will be coming very soon, and hopefully we'll find a loving furever home for her soon. She's such an attention hog!

I'm extremely thankful for all the help and support I received on this board. THANK YOU!
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rmfjovi, I really can appreciate how frustrating it was for you, trying to find some help for this little girl. I'm glad she's eating again and happy that she likes being where she is so much, even if it is temporary.

Thankyou to you for your persistence - I know what it's like to literally be down to your last dollar. You are an

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Just an update. The little girl (Chaos) is doing MUCH better. She is in perfect health and is walking around socializing now. She's a little piggy kitty too! She eats a lot and although she's still thin, she's a healthy thin now, not a starving thin like before. She is the biggest lap cat too! She HAS to be on someone all the time. She'll sit on my shoulder when I'm on the computer or watching tv! And wow! She's purrs SOOOOO loud too! She's such a love! Unfortunately we still can't keep her (even though she's playing with one of the other cats) Our roommate left (and took her 4 cats with her, so now we have 3 including Chaos) and now we can't afford the house we're renting so we have to move to an apartment. Unfortunately the apartment will only allow 1 cat. Which means that the cat we were cat-sitting will have to go to Tucson to my friends parents house, and Chaos HAS to find a home by September 1st. THAT"S going to be tough.
But at least she's doing a LOT better now!
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Just wanted to share this picture of her too. If anyone is interested in having the sweetest little girl around just let me know!
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She is so cute. I wish I had room for one more
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rmfjovi, I'm so glad Chaos is so happy and healthy. Good luck in finding a new home for her, she's such a sweetie, she'll probably find a home really quickly.

Again, you are an for taking her in and making her better.

What area are you in? You might also want to start a new thread in SOS asking if someone can give this sweet little girl a home.
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Thanks! That's a great idea! I just did it.
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We can keep her!!!!! I am so happy!
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Yay! I'm so happy to hear that you get to keep her, she sounds like a great cat and it sounded like you were really starting to get attatched to her! LOL I don't blame you she's a real beauty.
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Woo Hoo! I am so happy that you can keep Chaos. She's a real sweetheart and you worked so hard to get her better when she first came to you. Congrats!
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Oh Congrats on being able to nurse this kitty back to health- She's a real cutie!

You are an absolute

Many Thankies , Keep us posted.
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Wow! What happened? That's GREAT that u can keep her! I thought u couldn't keep her due to having to move into an apt and being limited to the # of pets?? I know how difficult it is to rescue cats then having to find other homes for them! I BAWLED all the way home when I had to give a cat I rescued and one of her litter to a cat rescue group and kept BAWLING ALLLL DAY!

She looks like a DARLING!!! Looks a lot like my boys..
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