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Lightning Strikes a Couple--In Their Bed

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Can you believe this one...

If thunder and lightning don't spook you, this
story might make you think twice the next time severe weather strikes. When a ferocious thunderstorm hit Porsgrunn, Norway last Friday night, Idar Roenningen and Charlotte Amundsen had trouble sleeping through the booming thunder. But
that wasn't the worst of it. They got the shock of their lives--literally--when lightning struck their cast-iron double bed, reports The Associated Press.

Check out this lightning photo gallery. The power of Mother Nature becomes a work of art.

It was a direct hit. The blast lit up their bedroom. Roenningen described the flare in the room as looking "like 10 welder's torches."
The lightning struck the bed and then traced through the electrical sockets in the room, leaving only smoke in its charred wake. The
couple survived unscathed thanks to pillows that apparently insulated them from the lightning hit. Still, why take chances that lightning won't strike twice? They spent the rest of the night on the sofa.

"I think I'm more afraid of lightning now than I'll ever be," Roenningen confessed to AP. One blessing: Their 5-year-old son, Jonathan, who likes to sneak into his parents' bed in the middle of the night, was away on a holiday break.

Wow no Iron beds for me
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Wow that is creepy. They were very lucky!
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Yikes! That would have been scary!

That reminds me of the time I was on the way home aabout 3 weeks ago, from a friends wedding party.

We were at the gas station and lightning hit the ground right in front of us. All we could see was white, and the whole car shook. It was freaky!
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oh scary!! lightening scares me enough, but geesh,,,,those poor people!
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Is this in the news somewhere on the internet??? so bizarre!!
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Click here for sites where the story is covered. I had trouble finding it at first because, of course, the news was in Swedish or Norwegian LOL.
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eep! that's scary, I have a metal bed
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When I was little I remember lots of stories like this. Apparently it was a bigger problem in the past where the bedsteads were iron and many times the house was the only out on the plains that was tall.
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thank god I have a wood bed!
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I'm changing my bed to a wooden one!! Getting more pillows for protection!!
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Oh wow..... thank God they are ok!

Lightning hit our home a few years ago. Thankfully..not much damage. We lost our clothesline. It melted the line itself and split the pole in two. Some of my outlets in the house still have a faint black mark. They were the ones with nightlights.

Nobody was hurt here either.
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