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Requesting some board magic

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My mom had CAT scans yesterday to see if the cancer treatment she had in the spring were effective. She had lymphoma, the treatable kind, and they gave her a series of rituxin treatments. The doctor was pretty hopeful at the time that everything would be fine. She'll find out for sure on Thursday.
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Sending healing vibes from Philly!
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Sending lots of go away cancer vibes your way!!!!! Let us know how it goes!
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Good thoughts!
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sending good vibs from NY
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Brenda, thinking of you and your Mom and sending good vibes from Down Under.
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Brenda - sending my positive thoughts your mum's way.

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Positive vibes from California!
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sending good vibes
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Here come the healing powers of the Great Salt Lake!
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One of the most nerve-wracking times of cancer treatment - did it actually work? Sending lots of calming energy to you and your family, and hoping for the best results - REMISSION!!
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Best wishes from Texas!
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Sending out healthy vibes from Southern California!
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Positive thoughts coming from PA.
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Healthy Vibes are flying for Brenda's Mum's way from wellington!!!!!!!!

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My thoughts and prayers are with you, your mom and your family.


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Sending lots of good vibes to your Mother!!!
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Sending good vibes your way bren!
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sending you lots of hugs, prayers and meows!
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sending good vibes from Singapore!!
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Thanks, everyone, I appreciate your prayers and good thoughts.
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Waiting for these kinds of results can be so nerve wracking. My prayers are with your mum, and here are hugs for you....

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Sending Healing Vibes from Florida

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Sending my Paryers and thoughts to you!!
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Thanks, she's ok for now. The "mass" shrank, she has to go back again in a few months but so far, so good.
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keep your chin up chuck and if there is anything I can do from this side of the pond - let me know - only a email and phone call away.

Good vibes here

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oh thats great news! I will continue to keep her in my thoughts.
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