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Crying with relief

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We just had some new windows installed. The workmen were pretty noisy, as expected. I put the cats in the office and storage rooms, there's a connecting door between them. The door to the hallway does not close all the way, it's an old house, but I shut it as best I could. I noticed Faile found a way to get it opened, so I decided to put the cats upstairs in our attic bedroom.

Faile was really nervous, so I grabbed her first and put her on the stairs and she ran up really fast. I went back for Molly, who was much calmer and took her up. I couldn't find Faile, so I thought she was hiding somewhere. I looked in all the usual places, no Faile. I got worried that she went back down the stairs when I was reassuring Molly. Quick check downstairs, no Faile.

I got the treat bag and went back up. Still no Faile after shaking it and shaking it. Another check downstairs, no cat. I am convinced by this point that she somehow got out. She has never been out, and we live on a busy street. I decided on one last check upstairs, I moved boxes, then I remembered that she used to crawl under the dresser when she was little. I moved one end, no Faile. I moved the other end, and suddenly saw a bit of black fluff. Luckily it was her tail, and not some demon dust-bunny. I grabbed her and petted her, but she just wanted to be left alone. She really had me worried for a little while.
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Glad she is safe and sound.
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Not being able to find a cat is a terrifying feeling, I can relate! Whew!

Faile, stop scaring your mom like that!!!

So glad she is safe and all is well. How are the new windows? Are they anything special? I would loooove to get a Bay or Bow window in the living room, the cats would love it too, I'm sure.
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My cats loved it when we got the bay window for the front room. Summertime and it's not too popular now. The sun sets on that window!LOL
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So glad you found her unhurt & okay. Sometime I think our little dears enjoy scarring us, I think it makes them feel loved.
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ohh man..how scary! I bet you are relieved!
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I would have felt terrible if she had gotten out.

The windows are nice, they tilt in for cleaning. You mean you have to clean windows?! It's nice to have screens, too. Not all of the windows do, I guess cause the house is old.
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I'm so glad you found little Faile! Those little girls can get into the smallest spaces when they don't want to be found. Ophelia does this too - I know she has hiding places we have no idea about.
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And once they've put you into a panic, they come out, stretch and act as if nothing happened. I know sometimes they hear me calling. Just another way to keep us on our toes, and giving out treats.
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Yeah - isn't that annoying?

I'm so glad she's safe!
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