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Catnip Question???

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Hey guys what can you do with dried catnip??? A friend is sending it over from the States (no such things here he he) and I'm wondering to what use shall I put it. Do I stuff toys with it or what???
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sometimes I sprinkle a little bit of it on the floor & let the cats roll in it. then I just vacuum it up. you could put it on newspaper or something like that to make it easier to clean up. Donna was just telling me how she sews little bags with catnip. I'm sure she will go into more detail with it for you.
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You can do alot of things with catnip. You can take two knee-high stockings (you can also use two cotton sock which are a little more sturdier), put one inside the other and pour catnip in it. Tie it off or sew it shut and you've got a catnip toy. You can also make little catnip pillows by taking two 4" squares of material and sew them together into one piece. Then take another two 4" squares and sew three sides with the other one piece. Throw a whole bunch of catnip in it and sew it shut. Voila - a capnip pillow!
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AP, Donna thanx a lot!!!!
That sounds like lots of fun both for me and Eric. I was thinking maybe of stuffing one of those tiny mouse toys with it do you think it would work?
I'm eager to see whether he'll enjoy it!!!!!
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