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Hey guys and gals

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It seems we have some 'visitors' who think its fun to post vulgar, graphic, and inappropriate posts here. Thanks to all of you who have been reporting these posts. We are aware of what is going on, and are trying hard to 'rectify' this! Just know that we are moving the inappropriate posts out of the lounge as quickly as we can!

Thanks to all of you for being patient!!
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Thanks to our great Mod Squad for getting rid of the offending posts so quickly! You guys are the bestest!

It just burns me up that some people deliberately try to ruin a good thing. If they think this is a saccharin board, they don't have to post here.
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Oh and please don't go visit their site. The only reason they came here to start with is to generate more pageviews for their hate site. Just ignore them and forget all about them - they're not worth your time. If they post here again - then by all means reply (that only generates more pageviews from them to us ). As long as they post within the rules and only come over to tell us that they hate cats - you may post back. And I'm going to make a special exception to our rules - bashing them is allowed Just remember that this is a family site so mind your language

If they post a link to their website again that will be in violation of our rules and they may get banned over that. Just report any posts that violate the rules and please please don't visit their website.
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You got it Anne!
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Originally posted by Anne
And I'm going to make a special exception to our rules - bashing them is allowed Just remember that this is a family site so mind your language
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Just to let you guys know how these particular trolls work. Anything you say about them, or to them will be spirited back to their board so that they can mock and make fun of whatever is said. They will post your remarks for the world to see (if the world ever travels that far) and they get fueled by making fun of your passion, devotion and caring that you have for cats.

The thing that is twisted in their logic, is they are coming after cat lovers because their biggest gripe is cat poop in their flower pots and gardens. They do not understand that apart from just a few people here, most of the members on this board do not even let their cats outside! But so intent in their animonisity, brought on by whatever experiences they have had in dealing with cats, anyone who can love a cat is fair game. And so the anger grows.

I would just ask all of you to please stay away from their board, don't post, don't antagonize them and if they come here (and they probably will) be careful what you say and just know they are adept at pushing all the right buttons.

Please alert the mods when you see them on the board and then engage them if you want to, but again remember, whatever you say has the possibility of traveling over there and fueling their insane fire for a very long time.
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Just wanted to add this. When you guys report a post, all of the mods for that forum get notified. So most likely, one of us will be here almost immediately. Please, report it as soon as you see it. That just minimizes the amount of time that their ridiculous posts are online.

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One other thing....The Lounge Mods are obviously well aware of what is going on, and will be keeping vigil over the Lounge. Most of us Mods aren't in stealth mode, so you can see who is online at the bottom of the Main Page, and can notify whoever is there as well. But please do just hit the Report This Post link in the thread as some of us are in stealth mode and the Trolls won't know if one of us is on or not.

We're sneaky, us Mods! Bwahahahahaha
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LOL Heidi!!
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Stealth mode - I love it!
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Way to go! One of the big attractions to this site for me is the mellow aspect of it! I needed a safe place to just chill, feel relaxed and feel safe! \\

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Yes, I was truly upset when I first saw the first posting from this AM and started reporting ASAP.

BTW, I've found that it works better to ignore them. I'm on a site for Stepmothers that gets invaded by Biological Mothers who have a bone to pick with Stepmother occasionally and the fire sure can fly. I've actually left one site because I was tired of that.

I've been coming here mostly, lately, because real life has been tough and this is a wonderful place to get away from it. You guys are my Carribean island getaway.
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Thanks Anne & MaryAnne!

From a very samantha-ann( yes Im because I have a 2 part name but I prefer to go my just samantha or sam)
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