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We're getting bigger - so here's some new guidelines

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We're on our way to having 5000 registered members! Granted, not all of them are active posters - but with new members joining everyday, we felt we needed to make a few adjustments in the rules and guidelines.

Here's what's new and changed -


Regarding promotions of your websites or businesses in general. No commercial solicitation of products is allowed in main threads. You may include your website in your profile, at the appropriate field, and it will be accessible from your posts through the "website" button that shows under each of your posts. If your business or website is cat-related, you may also use your signature to add a link and description of up to 2 lines of text for the benefit of our members. Any posts that contain promotions in the body of the thread will be removed promptly. Anyone wanting a larger field for advertising, please contact maryanne@thecatsite.com for either a spot in The Market Place or a location on the website. There will be a fee for this service depending on location and size of ad required.

Posting of contests not sanctioned by TheCatsite.com is prohibited. TheCatsite runs its own contests every month. If you are interested in being the sponsor for one of these contests, please contact maryanne@thecatsite.com.

A note about signatures -
Many of our members have dial-up and when the graphics are large, the posts take a long time to load and puts these members at a disadvantage. Out of courtesy for these members, please try and keep total size of images used to the size of a business card and total file size under 30kb. Thank you for your consideration in this. Any member who displays a larger ad then allowed, may be asked to replace it with a smaller version.
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Thanks for the update Anne

Congrats on having such a succsesful site!

May it be this exciting for many years to come!
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I agree. Way to go!

Is there anyway of politely contacting the ppl who haven't been to TCS in many months and ask them if they are still interested in the site???

Just a thought...
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A large part of the "silent majority" lurk here, or just want to have this website available when troubles come up. Plus they use the email system here and send problems to both Anne and myself, as well as other older members that can help them out with whatever is going on. So this board although not all 4,000 plus post- (thank God!) is a useful tool and resource that people don't wish to let go of.
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o i c. Thanks for the info!
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bumping this up for those of you who haven't seen it...
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Wow! May the reign of TCS be long and prosperous!
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Does that mean I need to remove the link to my website? If so, I will.
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I think it's OK, since it is your personal site. But I'm sure someone here will know for sure.
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All we are asking is for those who have signatures that are larger than a standard business card to decrease the size of your graphics, and to reduce the lines of your text if you have a lot of information there. For those of you adverstising your websites or products, from a marketing point of view- less is always better. More text clutters the mind and confuses the eyes.

A suggestion would be that those who are displaying a mulitude of animals in their signatures simply create Cat Pages for these lovely creatures and live a directional to that page. By September an upgrade of the cat pages will be online, that will make them easier to use, faster, and give you better service. There will soon be a sub-forum where all of you can post pictures to your heart's content as long as those pictures aren't objectionable.

All of this takes time to put together, but it would be really appreciated by many members if you could start whittling down the size of your signatures if they are to excessive. Some people have even left this board because the downloading time was to expensive for them to hang around here, and I miss those people a lot!
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MA, it might be a good idea to post a sample sig to show people the maximum size that they can use. A lot of people don't understand bytes and megabytes but will get a good idea if they can see an example of a reasonably sized sig. Maybe even start a new thread for it.
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I started a thread in feedback a while ago that has some pretty good examples. That's a place to start.


There are some very good examples in that thread, of what to do, and what not to do.
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Great thread. I've bumped it back up to the top.
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Most people should know what a business card size looks like, that is the visual we are trying to impress on people.
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*sticking business card on screen* Hmmm...needs a little work...
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Sadly, I think my sig is too big...can somebody re-do it? I tried cramming all of the stuff together and it doesn't look right.

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