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I've been busy and I miss everyone

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I went to work for a few days as soon as I got back from Mom & Dads, but I wanted to say HELLO to everyone. I just got home from work and I'm EXTREMELY tired and going to bed. I will post more as soon as I can. I haven't forgotten you cats. To quote one of my favorite movies "I'll be back".
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Welcome back! Is there an echo in here? It seems we've been saying this a lot recently. Please let us know how you and your cats are doing!


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Hope to see more of you soon, how's wonderful Socrates doing?
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glad to hear from you again! it seems like forever since you've been on. hope to see you around :flash:
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we've missed you too, i hope you can make some time for us here sometime soon

and i'm glad to hear you are working, i hope things are going well for you, Chuck
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Well, Chuck, working is good. Not posting isn't.

About that quote: Was it the shark at the end of Jaws?

(Only kidding, Arnold).
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MeowMan; I was afraid the old monitor on your computer had gone from "slow burn" to DEAD! Glad to hear you are working. Sorry it is so exhausting. I just asked Joe the other day what had become of you; and here you are back. Were your ears burning because we were discussing you ?

So glad you will be checking back in. I missed your posts. Give my best to Socrates and Tiger.

TLK _V_ and her 6 =^.".^=

@@@_V_@@@ (this all of us on "the bed" together)
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Who says you need fancy equipment to post images? You are accomplishing great visual art with your use of keyboard symbols.
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Well Deb; One does what One can with what One has. . . . . I think I my have seen that saying on a bumper sticker. . . . . NO WAIT. . . . It was on a backpack at a Hooker's corner in Vegas. . . .
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Meowman!!!! I have missed you!!! Hope you got that nasty yeast infection all taken care of....
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hahahahahahahaha Debby! Yes, it's gone and the blood tests were all good, so I'm fine now.
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Good to hear that!

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