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Vet Stress ? need info

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I just intoduced my cats in the
lounge. I found this site because
I had a concern and was looking for opinions. Would appreciate

My new kitty, Ru Paul, a maybe
Turkish Van came from a rescue org He was isolated but eating
very well, active etc I took
him to my (well trusted vet
for moderate ear mites, a check up and a cold. she took him for "deep ear cleaning" and adm
an oral med (can't find out what
yet see her 1/19)

when he came home he pretty
much 'crashed' for 48 hrs wasn't
eating and was off balance
(wobbly) for sev days
Vets said stress because he reacted violently to ear cleaning
and to just let him 'rest'
(doesn't like but not violent to me and I'm new) better now
still a little wobble once in awhile (cleaning shouldn't effect
middle ear????) I see vet soon
and will ask about med adm
BUT Ive had many cats and with
different personalities but
NEVER a rection like this
any replies most welcome.
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Sounds like it was the ear cleaning. ANY soulution put into the ear can give them trouble. I might be concerned that you have no idea what the kitty was given and why. I try and treat all my cats like my children. I would not let a doctor do something without me knowing about it. If you are really worried, you should call and ask for an explanation of what was done. If you don't get the answers you need, maybe look into another vet. I hope he is feeling better now..
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How's he doing?

I'm not a vet, but I think the wobbling could be related to some sort of damage in the inner ear.
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Thanks for replies, wish more
viewers gave comments. could be so helpful.
Vet visit & second opinion confirmed my suspicious thanks to internet research.

RuPaul's reactions wre similar to some breeds of dogs' side effects to 'ivermectin'. Kitty ws given ivermectin drops last visit after deep ear cleaning. reactions possible but very rare in cats.
'ivermectin' frequently used for ear mites esp in multiple cat

Secondly, balance problem possible reaction to middle ear infection which is common with 'colds' (URI). 2nd vet gave a lot of time and explanations with a thorough ear exam & cultures.

(My vet is still great but often rushed and went on vac so I couldn't connect this week).

Ru Paul still has a little 'head tilt' but is improving daily. appetite and activity level back to normal.

new medication for ears. lots of dirt and wax and less mites as is common in rescue cats I KNEW it
wasn't likely "VET STRESS" .

advice: follow your instincts, research and try 2nd opinions when in doublt.
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I am so happy to hear you went for a second oppinion and got some helpful information. I am sure you and kitty are feeling much better now. You will have to let us know how long her recovery takes and she is not tilting.
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THanks for good thoughts, Sandie.

Just a note of caution. readers, Even though RuPauL has only been with me a short time (he is 4-5 mos) I didn't believe he had 'vet stress', for many reasons BUT kitties can and do suffer from vet stress, it can be serious and complicate illnesses.

PS: RuPaul is a 'too pretty to
be a boy', male. He
looks and acts like a Turkish Van

Another point, although kitties are individuals, some feline
breeds can react differently
to medication, vaccines and stresss. Vans, I hear, are a breed who may differ in their reactions.
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