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Have anyone of you tried...

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Just something that popped into my mind..has anyone of us here ever tried to commit suicide? I did..several times in fact over my ex boy friend...made deep slashes on my wrist..i'm not sure if anybody else did...
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umm, I don't think I ever did. I remember being really upset over something stupid I did and trying to cut my wrist with a dull pocket knife. I knew it wouldn't do anything - I was too chicken**** to do any damage.

My husband on the other hand tried it once and nearly succeeded.
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I have.
If you know any one who is thinking about doing it, you need to get them some professional help.
If you've ever been to 'that emotional place', you'll know that suicide is not to be taken lightly.
I nearly didn't make it & I narrowly escaped, having a court case made of it...

I'm sorry if i sound a little irate it's just that i so often hear, especially from teenagers and some younger people that i know.... silly phrases like, oh last night i cut my self again! It's not funny. I nearly killed myself! Suicide is not something to be taken lightly.
This scar is like being branded!
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I know what you mean yzma, I've been there too and done that...scars left there are forever..sometimes ppl make it thru, sometimes they dun..and when they dun, the only thing we have in our brains is that was the matter so tough that it had no other solution? sometimes when we are in the midst of the situation, we dun seem to see any other things....
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I found this thread quite interesting and it made me think about my friend.

my friend told me she doesnt want to committ suicide, but recently she slashed her arms, i know its not the first time as i noticed she has scars from previous times.
she cries alot and says she is depressed.
she is only 17 much younger than me, so maybe she cant talk to me about it properly, she says i wouldnt understand. nobody her age seems interested in helping her.
why does she do this?
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unfortunaly, yes, I did when I was around 22 years was about an old bf, and I didn't think I could live without him, and I wanted to put myself in a coma, and wake up and forget who he was.....not an intentional suicide, but just some crazy act is what it was.....I was nuts over this guy and he was the biggest loser let me tell ya..
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cubby, often people 'self-harm' or 'self mutilate' to deal with emotional pain that's too much. This can involve cutting, burning, bruising, banging until bones are broken etc. It's a way of releasing pent-up emotions, expressing feelings of self-hatred that the person doesn't know any other way to express. Sometimes, if someone is really, really depressed, they 'feel dead' and self-harming is a way that someone uses to sort-of check if they're alive when they feel the pain and/or bleed. it's also a 'cry for help'. Not everyone who self-harms is suicidal, but some are. Self harm is often a sign that the person has experienced some sort of abuse, often sexual abuse.

My arms are covered with scars and wounds from self-harming. I'm not proud of them, they're ugly and put people off when I meet them. One day I hope to stop self-harming and that will be a very good day. LOL

I have attempted suicide about 5 times. Only one or two were absolutely serious enough for me to have died if I hadn't been found. Only once have I ended up in Intensive Care on a ventilator. I used to say that I was so stupid, I couldn't even kill myself properly.

This is a very delicate topic, I wonder if it needs to be moved to IMO so it doesn't upset members.

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This subject is a bit too 'dark' for the lounge. I'm going to move it to IMO. The discussion can continue in that forum instead.
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Thanks Daniela.
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yes I did 1 time,thank God I ted came home and got me to a hospital,and I got the help I needed and still do.That is not the answer,help is out there.
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I have given it some very, very serious consideration many times. I always come up with the same answer in the end. I am too damn stubborn and strong-willed to let anything beat me like that. If I give up and take my life to escape, then life has beaten me. I refuse to let that happen.

There have been times when I sobbed my heart out, wishing I wasn't so strong-willed. It would be a lot easier to give up.

Another thing that stops me is that I believe in reincarnation, and I realize if I take that way out, I will only have to repeat the lessons learned (as well as those I avoided) all over again. There is no way I want to go through this another time!
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I made a few feeble attempts as a teen, and would have gone when my first hubby died except I had little ones that needed me. I see it as pointless at this stage in my life as I now know I would just have to come back again. Thisgs just don't seem as earth shattering when you are my age. It gets easier to take things in stride.
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When I was younger I never seemed to "fit in" with anyone that is why I did it twice once by overdosing..... Didnt die just threw up a lot and once again by cutting the skin on top of my left hand... The knife was dull. about 2 years ago I had severe deppression and had to see a psychiatrist. That helped a little bit. He also put me on Zoloft medicine. I had to quit going to him though because the bill was astronomical. I also stopped taking the medicine too. I still get deppresed sometimes. But not as much to think about suicide anymore.
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((((((((((**HUGS**)))))))))) to everyone.

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I have a very good friend who became so upset over his girlfriend leaving him that he tried to kill himself by placing a gun in his mouth and firing. He survived, but it messed up the nerves in his face and eyes such that he looks like he is mentally handicapped. In his own word to me later, No one is worth that, nothing is as bad as it seems when you are in that frame of mind, but when you are there, it magnifies all the negative feelings. So if you or a friend are feeling that way TALK to someone close to you, please !
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i personally knew 3 people that committed suicide. I have considered it in the past, but after seeing the aftermath of their suicides I never considered it again. No matter what is wrong in my life, there is no possible way I could put my family thru that. And I started thinking that sometimes we contribute to the wrongness and that's what pushes us over the edge at times. There are a million things that can be done to make a situation better, but instead of trying some people just feel the need to give up.

Anyone who relies on someone so much that they will kill him/herself because they are no longer together needs help. No human should rely souly on another for their happiness and self worth. That is a sickness and needs to be cured.
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I agree Tybalt. Sometimes a place away unleashes our saddest, happiest and most creative selves. It's a fine line we walk.

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Just 2 weeks ago a very good friend of mine decided to commit suicide. He found out his wife was having an affair. There were other circumstances that also contributed to his decision (work and money being the 2 biggest).

I've gone through the entire range of emotions, of course. What ended up helping me the most was seeing his car in person. As gory and dark as it sounds, it helped me realize it was HIS decision, and there wasn't a thing I could have done to help him since he didn't let any of us know what was going on. (We found out afterwards.)

I implore anyone that's considering suicide to talk to ANYONE. There ARE people that care... people you might not have thought of. If my friend would have just made a phone call.... or come over.... or gone to my neighbor's house (also a friend of his)... or gone to the place he worked.... or any number of places, he would have found a friend that would have been more than willing to talk to him, to help him.

The saddest part is that it wasn't just us adults he left behind wondering what we could have done to prevent this..... but his young son that will never understand.
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Originally posted by Tybalt
I think some of us are capable of journeying so far from the crowd in our wanderings in life, that we reach a place where the stark solitude prevents contact with anyone; this is the threshold that opens into genius and/or madness.
True, been there, done that, but even if its is not someone that we would think of as close, ANYONE would do. How many of us could NOT try to listen to and help a stranger on the street if he was serious about needing help?
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I think some of us are capable of journeying so far from the crowd in our wanderings in life, that we reach a place where the stark solitude prevents contact with anyone; this is the threshold that opens into genius and/or madness.
i agree...sometimes it's just a place where we burrow ourselves in without's tough to get out when all the negative feelings are so enlarged... i had a tough time trying to snap out of it...even when my friends were around....even till now, i still do get thoughts about dying and stuff like that..i try to control but i'm seriously wondering when i will not be controlling it again..
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Historically speaking i can list you at least 20 names of heroes and heroines who have died 'in the name of love' and 'for a good cause'... Or artists who have taken their own lives... Stories that have romanticised the nature of suicide. Poems that have distorted our views on what suicide is... Songs, movies etc etc etc...

I often feel that the people who are pro-suicide usually have pseudo-artistic inclinations. Or some sort of misplaced sympathy for the, artist/madman (I'm not quoting or referring to Tybalt's post, i'm just using the same phrase.)

I can't imagine that any of what Sylvia Plath went through in her last days was romantic, or romanticisable in anyway... But we so often excuse the poet, or the artist for being 'too sensitive'...

For me, personally, having been through every possible UP and DOWN available to me... I still say that suicide is a sickness. It can be treated. Had Sylvia Plath been treated, and recovered, i'm sure her last line would have been a trifle more than:

Ted, I'm in the oven.
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Mom of 10 Cats writes:
Another thing that stops me is that I believe in reincarnation, and I realize if I take that way out, I will only have to repeat the lessons learned (as well as those I avoided) all over again. There is no way I want to go through this another time!
I, too, believe in reincarnation; for this reason, I would be too fearful of committing suicide. I figure that my time will end when and how it is meant to. There is no need for "intervention" on my part.

Honestly, I'm shocked at how many people have come forward to admit that they've tried committing suicide. I'm actually feeling depressed now. I've had times as tough as many other folks and have wondered if I'd find peace in "death". But knowing that I don't believe in death as the final curtain call, I've never had any real interest in ending my physical existence.
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No I haven't.
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I tried it once in my mid twenties. Took WAY too many asprins. But thankfully not quite enough. Made me sick as a dog!!!! Never even thought of doing something like that again...
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Tybalt! What a fine teacher you are. I am so glad that you understand so completely, this delicate subject. Anything can be worked out in time.
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My brother has tried to commit suicide many times. On his first attempt, I was 8 years old - I found him and had to call an ambulance to get him to the hospital - this was the days before "911" and no kid was trained on how to handle an emergency. From that incident (at my most impressionable age), I am convinced that I would never attempt suicide myself. Too ugly, too much tragedy on the people who love you, and besides, who would take care of my babies?

Tybalt - you have described my brother precisely!
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Yes, I have. Although some may classify my life as one protracted suicide attempt this was a very dark period. Tybalt, you captured it well as a dark forest. I sat looking down the barrel of a gun with about a half-ounce of pressure between me and eternity. As you can see I didn't go through with it. ( I can hear someone saying AWWWWW!! ) That was before I met Barbara (Meme)and I thank God every day for her.

It does annoy me sometimes to hear people talk about the "selfishness" of the act. How they "cheated their loved ones" and should have "asked for help". Suicide is not a sudden, spontaneous act. It builds up over time until you reach that dark place where you feel totally alone and helpless. In my case, I TRIED to ask for help, tried to explain what I was feling. But my "loved ones" were "too busy" or "didn't want to hear that silly s---".

Thankfully, now I have a purpose to my life, a wonderful woman to share it and a circle of friends who really care. I don't own a gun anymore.
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