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An Introduction

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It's a pleasure to be here. I have been scanning over these boards for a bit now and you all seem really friendly and much fun. Let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Cassandra (Cassie). I'm 19 years old and live with my boyfriend (Craig) and his 2 roomies in San Francisco. While they work I'm at home keeping the house clean. No easy task.. living with three men keeps a homemaker busy! I'm getting ready to start college soon. I am also a MAJOR pet lover. I used to have a pomeranian named Candi.. she was an adorable little dog. I left her back in Houston with my mother when I moved here. All my life I have loved and adored cats but my ex step-father would never allow me to have any

Well after living with my boyfriend here in San Francisco for a month we decided to find a way to cure my lonliness during the day. Just two days ago we came home with 3 siamese kittens. All three boys, they are my pride and joy and they definitely keep me on my toes. I've also discovered I am allergic to them So I'm going to see a doctor about desensitizing me to the allergen. Despite the sneezing, itching, and watery eyes I'm playing with and loving them constantly. I've been taking anti-histamines to help until I set up a doctors appointment.

My goodness.. I've told my whole life story nearly! Sorry! LOL I tend to get carried away. Well I guess now you know a little bit about me! I'd like to get to know each of you as well!


P.S. I've only been able to name one.. I've having such a hard time coming up with names. Any suggestions?
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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site! I'm glad to meet you, Craig, your other flatmates and your three kittens!

I'm sorry you're allergic to the cats, but I'm glad you're seeing a medical professional about the problem. It's a shame you were deprived of the joy of keeping cats as a child, but perhaps it's just as well — since your step-father would have been even more rigid (if such a thing was possible) with his taboos.

Please let us know how things go with your allergy! And do keep us abreast of what's happening with your cats. Thank you for giving the kittens a home in spite of their unfortunate effect upon your health. I'm confident you'll be prescribed a protocol which will make the kittens' presence a totally positive experience for all of you!

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Welcome dear!!! You'll have the time of your life here!!! Everybody is just wondeful in TCS!!! Hope to see you posting a lot and give those furballs a great big from me!
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Welcome Cassie. You'll love here. The people are very kind and helpful. I hope you post often!
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welcome Cassie!
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Welcome Cassandra

i'm sorry to hear about your allergy discovery, i sure hope that can be taken
care of so you dont have to suffer. it's a joy to have you here, and we will all
look forward to your posts and stories. hope you stay with us
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Welcome Cassie. We all love it here in the Cat Site. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.
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Cassandra!!!! I must know you already!!! I just made a post in another thread that you had posted in....the one where you told about getting your head stuck in the stairs when you were little, and I called you cassie....even though I hadn't seen this welcome thread yet!!!

I am SO glad you have joined us here! I have read several of your posts already....and they are so enjoyable!!!!!!!!!
Glad you are part of our happy cat family now!!!! I hope you get some good suggestions for names, too! I can't think of any off the top of my head right now....but let me think on it a bit...
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. LOL I'm sure you will all be annoyed with me and my rather long posts soon. I'm home all day so besides doing laundry and housework all I have is my computer and kittens. I don't even have television *cries* I do have a t.v. just not cable. Though my boyfriend did just buy me the whole first season of "Sex in the City" on dvd so I wouldn't be bored all day. Yay! Can't wait to get season 2!

"I stopped believing in Santa Claus at age six when my mother took me to see him in a store and he asked for my autograph." --Shirley Temple Black
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Welcome to the catsite! Glad you took the time to stop in the lounge and introduce yourself!! Boy do I miss CA!!! I hope you stick around and I am sure you will have tons of great stories as the babies grow up.
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Welcome to the forum! Gosh, that sucks that you have allergies. Hope the Doc can take care of that. 3 Siamese kittens, eh? I'm very partial to Siamese myself. OK, who am I kidding? If it Meows and purrs I'm partial. OK, so I'm weak!
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