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am I sad???

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or what - even when I go on vacation - I send my cats a post card - why - they cannot read it, probably could not care less when the post man arrives and delivers it - so why do it?
Sad or what?????
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ha ha that's cool! I wish I would have thought of that!

You're such a considerate soul!
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hmmmmm..i dun even remember doing that, kev.....but oh well, your kitties will understand that u miss them and sending things back to them.....
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I wonder if the cats would be able to smell you on the postcard.
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I buy gifts for my kitties when I'm gone, but I haven't written a postcard. That's actually probably a good thing to do because then you have postcards of everywhere you've gone.
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You are definately a cat lover!
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Ahh. Kev, I think that's sweet. I don't send my cats cards because they would give me a hard time for going to see places when all they get is to be stuck at home and maybe some extra tuna.
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I've never done that, but I think that's the sweetest thing I ever heard!
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You're not sad, you're obsessed!!!
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Very Cool, better than sending them the dirty laundry!
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Never sent a post card....but Left messages on the answering machine - actually I was hoping Loki would here my voice as the machine records it.
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