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Cats and Straws

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Tibby goes nuts over straws. If I leave up a cup on the table with a straw in it Tibby will make sure to get it. Now I never even use them because I have to make sure I don't put the drink down or she will knock it over to get the straw. So now I just buy the straws for her, I'll toss one or two on the floor and she will entertain herself for a while. Anyone else have a straw loving cat?
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Not straws...but you know the ring you pull of the milk gallons? My cats go nuts for them....I find them all over the house. I have tile floors so they slide them everwhere.

I'm going to get a straw though just to see. cheap cat toys.
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Spike loves straws too. I usually take one and tie a knot in the center of it, and toss it. He likes to run and chase it, batting it around. He also likes the rings from the milk-jugs a whole lot. We've been playing with them all day in fact. He gets to be the "goalie" and I try to get the milk ring past him. He's much better at the game than I am.
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I didn't know those milk rings were ok for kitty teeth, I'll have to try that. But my kitties like those pipe cleaners...
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meow meow and boy boy likes to play with scotch tape though..they go nuts with it and they can happily entertain themselves for an hr or two with it...
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once we stuck scotch tape to all four of their paws. it was so funny to watch!!! We took them off right away, but it was still funny.
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Those milk rings are a favorite toy here at my place. And Phoenix, I've recently discovered, has the straw fetish
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straws, milk rings, telephone books, toilet name it! They love it!
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When the baby kittens are just old enough to start playing with toys, the very first toy they get are straws with a knot tied in the middle. Very funny when two kittens are both attached to either end and each thinks the straw belongs to them!
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Having had to take a cat in for surgery awhile back because of milk rings, they can easily chew them apart and the plastic can cause some major problems with blockage. After the surgery, my vet came out and told me to just give them the bottle tops- so that is what they get now. Not the rings. $350.00 surgery cured me!
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Thanks M.A. I'll make sure to pick up the ones we have lying around. My kitties love the straws and pipe cleaners. I can't leave any drinks around as Mystique will knock it over. She just can't leave it alone. I can't even hase a bud vase out or she will knock it over.
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my guys love straws too!

and I discovered a game with them that they goes nuts, all you straw lovers MUST try and let me know!!!

all you need is a straw (no knot in the middle) and newspaper or place mat, or small carpet rug.

keep the straw in your hand, and the newspaper or placemat, over your arm and hand with the straw, and slowy stick the straw out, and hide it and come out from different areas each time... cats will pounce and try to get the straw from under the newpaper! it is hilarious to watch, give it a try, and let me know how it goes!!! when they are losing interest to get them spooked again, leave it hidden longer before popping it out again!!

my guys love the noise the newspaper makes when they chase the straw!!!!
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Peaches likes the little plastic tops from sport water bottles but I'm afraid she will swallow one so I pick them up. My daughter leaves them laying all around the house and of course Peaches will find them.
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Kornflake will dig to the bottom of the trash to get that darn straw--it's like he can sense them in there. He'll also come right up and steal it out of the cup--sometimes makeing a huge mess. Silly kitty.
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I guess I'm going to have to stop letting my cats have the milk rings now. I never knew they eat them...all I ever see them do is slide them around the floor and chase after them. Couldn't they do the same with the straws...chew a end off? Well I guess we are back to cat ball again. Thanks for the warning, hissy, about the milk rings. I Don't want to have to see my vet for anything other then the reg. check ups.
I've seen a enough of him lately.
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My cats love to play with pipe cleaners, I recently bought a new bag of about 100 pipe cleaners and I forgot to put them in the closet and when I came home from work that night one of them had ripped open the bag and there were pipe cleaners absolutley everywhere, It was hilarious. My littlest kitten is constantly playing with them!! The best part is I can get 100 of them for about $1.50, and most of the time I only have to buy a new bag ever 3 months or so, I love it!
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yes i know what you mean about the straws my stripey loves straws, if i leave a cup sitting around with a straw in it, well i cant drink out of it anymore, he chews them on the end and ruions it, hes such a goof, but hes my precious goof
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Straws were the absolute favorite for a while, especially when they were kittens and teething. They could chew and chew on those straws, but I never saw one come apart. Trent is a good boy, though...he would wait until he heard that last suck from whatever I was drinking and then he would come get the straw. He would ask nicely first, but if he didn't get it he would come take it. At least he asked!
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