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Toe sucking

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Hi everyone!

My cat has a rather bizarre behavior and I'm wondering if anyone might have any suggestions as to why she does it. She likes to suck her back toes. It's not annoying or a problem, it's just wierd. She doesn't do it all the time, often at night. She'll curl up on my lap or on the bed, start kneeding with her front feet, purring and sucking her back foot. I think she might have been weened too soon, her mother was killed in the road when she was young, just before I got her.

She also likes to just lick me for no apparent reason. Occasionally, however she will bite after a few licks. I've trained her to stop when I tell her no biting. She actually thinks about it and stops. I think this goes along with the whole toe sucking thing too.

So if anyone's got any notions on this, I'd be greatful!


Pan's Mommy
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I think you hit it when you said she left her mom too young. It is a comfort behavior.

Hmm, is your little girl named Pan? I have a girlkitty named Pan, too!
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I used to have a kitty that sucked on the end of her tail. She was taken away from her mom too young, as well. Really bizarre behavior, but it makes sense if you look at the psychology of it... maybe like a little kid sucking her or his thumb.
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I agree it seems to be something of a comforting exercise for her, she'll eventually grow out of it I assume. If you haven't already, try telling her no as you did when she was licking and bitting. My cat does that every so often, she'll lick and bite. It's a way a play though, not something that should be diciplined so much. Good Luck!
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