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Messy or Not?

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Okay. Are your cats messy eaters or are they neat freaks?

Both my boys, Bleu and Duffy, are messy eaters! Duffy sticks his whole face in the bowl and knocks kibble all over the floor. Bleu takes one piece at a time, crunches it on the floor, then goes for another. Invariably, he always leaves tiny pieces of kibble on the floor around the bowl and he never bothers to pick it up.

Now, both my girls are neat freaks. They approach the meal time with much more grace, style, and manner than a Victorian lady. The gals give each meal a sniff first, then take dainty little bites. Penny even stops mid-meal to lick her paws and clean her face before finishing.
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OMG it sounds like you have just described the Sammycat. You been peeking in my windows JK But I swear that sounds just like the Sammycat He will take a mouth full of kibble and tote it into the living room where he will spit it out onto the floor and then eat it. What a freak, but I love him anyway Oscar is the neat one, he wants all of his kibble nice and neat in his bowl, will not eat it if it falls to the floor. He is a strange one too
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Trent just dives right in, but he isn't too terribly messy unless the bowl is too full. Then he will inevitably push some over the top.

Ophelia has to "kill" the first piece of kibble by picking it up and shaking it. Most of the time, it flies out of her mouth in the process, or she will put it down and can't find *that exact* piece of kibble again. So she loses one or two kibbles each time she eats. Unless she finds a piece of kibble that Trent spit on (or whatever the analogy in a kitty's mind is), then she will take that piece out and put it down beside the bowl. She makes a mess, but it's a methodical mess.

Does this mean I've spent too much time watching my kitties eat???
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Uncle Louie my 6 year old cat is a little messy. My 2 female Ragdolls are very dainty and neat.
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All my eight furrpurrsons have different habits. The most annoying thing they do is carry bits of kibble clearrrrrr down to the bedrooms and lay them on the rug for me to step on. Wish I knew why? Silly kid. Punkin' has to eat on the dining table and no one else is allowed up there. Seniority you know. I fill three bowls morn and nite with their Fancy Feast and they take turns picking at it. I found it useless to give out eight bowls because always, some one doesn't like it! They also have a 2-quart dry food kibble dispensor full at all times with their mix of Iams, Sci Diet, One and a bit of junk food kibble for taste. And, yes, they play hockey with kibble!
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meow meow is pretty clean when it comes to eating but boy boy is a big mess... he would eat and leave scrapes all over the floor and never bother to clean them up...and the maid--> me would need to go clean after the majesty when he finishes his food....sigh...
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Mine are interesting to watch( I am obsessed with them I think?) Twig our 16 pound boy(grey tabby) will just stick his head in and come up with a mouth full of food!
Rocket our 10 pound boy(abby) will try and get big mouth fulls but he never quite manages to so thus he is pretty dainty for a "guy" cat! LOL!
Isis our 10 pound tortie is very perticualr, she will only eat dry food and then only Pro Plan beef and rice(nothing else) and she will wait until everyone is gone, or until everyone is asleep and then she will eat( I always sneak a peak when she is not paying attention)
Luna, our 10 pound all grey cat is a picky eater also, but she will lick the juices from the wet food then wait until it's icky and hard to actually eat it. She will eat dry food one kernel at a time. it's pretty strange to watch them all eat. they have such different purrrsonalties and ways of going about it. It really IS fascinating.
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lol! Zoey takes her dry food out of her bowl with her mouth and drops it on the floor then eats it

Her wet food pretty much stays on the dish except for a piece here and there, then she eats it off the floor. And of course always cleaning her face afterwards!
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Spike is relatively neat when he eats. Most of the time he'll either eat over his bowl, or take out a piece and eat it from the ground. Occasionally he'll leave bits of kibble around his food bowl though.
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The boys are messy eaters. Mozart can't chew well, even before he had to have a tooth removed, and spits pieces everywhere. Ginza wolfs down wet food like there's no tomorrow, then promptly throws it all back up. He also likes to drag food off the bowl and shred it over the general area.

Kayla is extremely neat and ladylike. She daintily licks all the gravy off wet food then slowly consumes the rest. She eats hard food one kibble at a time, no crumbs anywhere.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
lol! Zoey takes her dry food out of her bowl with her mouth and drops it on the floor then eats it

Her wet food pretty much stays on the dish except for a piece here and there, then she eats it off the floor. And of course always cleaning her face afterwards!
I thought my bobbie was the only cat in the world who did that!!
Hoo Ray..
She's not alone....

Zooey eats face immersed in her cat food...
Mythie eats with one paw in the dish...
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Toes is a little pig. Tailer is quite neat.

We actually had a dog once that ate her kibble very delicately. She'd pick up one piece in her mouth and then look up at the sky and munch delicately on that piece until it was gone. She'd repeat this with every single piece of kibble.
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LOL half the time I think my babies get more food on the floor & wall then in their mouths.
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Mine are both neat freaks definately...
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Peaches is messy. Her primary diet is dry food with the occassional treat of wet food. There are always kernals of dry food around her food bowl! She will be angry with me for telling you this because she thinks she is a sophisticated and elegant purrrsian lady!
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My two Siamese cats are both messy boys. My old guy, Snoopy: He uses his front paws like a spoon, and dips his paw in the wet food and eats it out of his paw, then tracks it all over the floor. He also drops a lot of it on the floor and won't eat it, once it's on the floor. My other Siamese cat Shane, leaves a terrible mess outside of his dish, plus he goes to the dry food and tips the bowl over getting the dry food all over the floor.

My Persian, Stanley, is very neat.
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Gambit's not reallt a messy eater. He's messy because his bowl has to be positioned just so. He knocks a good portion of his food onto the floor and into his water dish sliding his bowl along the floor.
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My current monsters (Fawn, Cindy, Suzy) are mostly not bad. They share a can of Fancy Feast (among three -- separate dishes) morning and night, and they all manage to clean up their dishes without mess. That is, except on the days when they all decide that this flavour, that they liked two days ago, is now barely edible -- in which case, they nibble at the dish, then leave 3/4 of it to dry out -- that's when crusty bits and pieces land on the floor, strategically placed to be stepped on my Mum's bare feet. (I think this may be the mornings when the hunting has been good overnight -- canned beef really doesn't quite cut it when compared with fresh mouse, I guess.) They also have a couple of bowls of Whiskas dry around for the inevitable nibbling. This they mostly keep in the bowl, but do spill a few pieces.

The one who was funny with food habits was the old neurotic Siamese, Nibs (now gone two years -hmm, almost to the day -- let's not go there) who did spill dry food, but cleaned it up, too -- his spills and everyone else's -- a real vaccuum cleaner. His brother, Gryphon, would delicately lick the gravy off the wet food, and leave the rest.
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LOL!! Spot and Peanut eat pretty normal. GoGo reaches in the bowl with his paw and pulls a piece of kibble out then trys to put it in his mouth. He usually misses and eats it off the floor. Rocko drops a toy rat in the bowl and eats around it. LOL!! There's always crumbs on the floor around their food dishes, though!

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