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Pet Meds

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I can't remember who was looking for cheaper pet medication, but I just saw this commercial on tv for Pet Med Express.



I don't have any personal experience with them, but I figured it was worth posting to check out.
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Thanks, Deb! I just checked this site for two of the medications I use frequently, and on one of them (for which the vet's office gladly charges me upwards of $40!) the price was only $7.10!!!

So, thank you thank you thank you!!!

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Wow, Gaye!

I hadn't actually checked it out myself, as I don't currently use any meds. If I need Advantage again, though, I'll know where to go!
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I didn't see that the prices for Advantage or Frontline were that much better than what I pay at the vet. My vet only sells Frontline, so they promote that, but I like Advantage better. It was $35 for a 3 month application pack, and that is about what I pay for the Frontline (since I can't get Advantage anymore from the vet) when I do buy it during the summer flea season for Buttons.

So, it seems for some things it is a great place to save some money - for others, maybe not so good...

Thanks again though, as I have already ordered the other stuff I found for $33 less!


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Gaye, are you sure the Advantage is a 3 month pack. I use the Advantage as well and it comes in a 4 month supply. If thats the case, you would be getting an xtra month for the same price as the FL from the vet.
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Thanks for pointing that out! I went back and looked - sure enough, it was a 4 month supply, and the FL I buy at the vet is only a 3 month supply - so yup! It was a better deal!

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Great site, thanks.

Has anyone from Canada ordered from this site? Any troubles at the border?
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