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HELP! I think my cat's in HEAT

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She's only a year old. She's walking around with her bootie in the air, Howling. I just hope to God she doesn't start spraying., How long does this process last?
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Kim, which cat is this? Why isn't she fixed?
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Can last weeks, it varies. Kitties have their first heat usually much earlier than that, which is why just about everybody spays well before 6 months of age.

I'd get her spayed asap.
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Some never go out and the behavior never really stops. It only escalates. Months and months worth of that yelling, then maybe a short time off, then back again. Poor kitty. And poor owners.
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Unless there are medical reasons why she's not already spayed, I'd call the doctor to get her in sooner rather than later. If it's a financial issue, ask your vet for a referral to a low-cost spay clinic or ask if they'll work with you on a payment plan.

I went through half a heat cycle with Hannah and I almost lost it! She had to wait to be spayed for medical reasons (severe URI). I couldn't get her to the vet fast enough for my liking!
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Originally Posted by kimward34 View Post
She's only a year old.
Gosh you're lucky she lasted that long, most start calling well before 12 months. If it's her first heat she shouldn't start spraying, but may if you leave her to continue cycling as they get stronger each cycle.

First heats are usually pretty mild and should stop within a few days, hopefully you can get an appointment quickly to get her spayed.
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Kim, they generally cycle every 9-13 days during a 6 month period. Get her fixed right away make sure the vet knows beforehand that she is in heat (their blood vessels become enlarged during heat)
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a cat in heat is the most annoying thing ever! Im hoping to get lil Chloe in before she comes into heat! Im not sure how breeders deal with it- kudos to them!

Butt in the air and yowling certainly sounds like she is in heat.

Tabbi would always get right in front of me or the dogs and stop and put her butt in the air when she was in heat.. I did not like tripping over a horny cat. The dogs looked at her like "what the heck is your problem?" She also yowled at ALL hours. I was waiting to get her into a spay/neuter program that had a long waiting list. It did not help matters any when we found an intact male! I had to keep one locked in the basement and one upstairs, and we rotated them out a few times a day... fortunantly there was an opening at the clinic, so I was able to get him snipped the day I got Tabbi done. When she got spayed, peace was restored. Never had marking issues with Tabbi.

Bastet was uber annoying and affectionate. She came to me intact and went right into heat shortly after I got her. Constantly rubbing on anyone and anything.. sticking her butt in everyone's face. I recall one time I was leaning over in front of the bed to tie my shoes and felt something rubbing on my butt. I immediatly accused my BF of it.. but it wasnt him.. it was Bastet rubbing her face on my butt. Bastet did pee on the couch a few times while she was in heat- I never had any issues with her thinking outside the box since she was spayed tho.
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Originally Posted by nekkiddoglady View Post
Im not sure how breeders deal with it- kudos to them!
Many don't let their girls cycle There are quite a few choices to keep our lives sane, well as sane as breeders get anyway
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I was waiting until my little one gained some weight, which she didn't, but anyway, it is more expensive to have them spayed after they begin going into heat, then if they are spayed when they are kittens. It is also painful for them too. Just watching that behavior use to upset me. So glad my little one is spayed now smile.gif
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