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Fantasy Convention Poll!

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If the Cat Site held a convention, where would you like it to be? And, would you really attend? :flash:
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I wouldn't miss it for the World!
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San Francisco-I've been there once for a professional meeting, fell in love and would like any excuse to go back there!

But I'd go come He!! or high water as long as it was in the US (I'm terrified of flying and can't stand more than 3 hours in a plane) and it wasn't the beginning of December (my national meeting-American Society of Hematology is at the beginning of December). Sign me up for the first Cat Site Convention!
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HA! My place would be bursting at the seams! LOL I would have to bunk people out in the barns! Honestly Anne and I have talked about this seriously and someday it may come true. We want a huge CAT convention that is located in a centralized area of the United States, but near a major International Airport. It would run for a week with clincs, classes, speakers and lectures, a cat products demonstration and of course the biggest party you could ever imagine!
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Hissy, I think the time has come! Folks here are ready to meet and greet! Oh yeah, and learn more of course! hee hee
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but i wanna go to paris!!!!!!
ooo hoo hoooooo
okay i'll stop being a BRRAT now...
wow.... that'd be great!
hopefully it'll be after i get married, then i get to travel at 10% of the advertised rate... anytime in 2004 is good for me
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ooo thats hard one!!! yeah i can see the look on my hubby's face when I tell him I'm going to a 'cat' convention. That would go real well
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Originally posted by hissy
... located in a centralized area of the United States, but near a major International Airport.
Hmmmm....where you thinking Nebraska? If so, I don't know if I could handle THAT many people at my place!! But, it sure would be awesome to have you all here!
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San Francisco!!!!!!!!!
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Ummmmm....Denver has a very nice International Airport...lovely mountains, plenty of convention space available, can't get much more "central" in the US....
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How about Michigan?
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Los Gatos, CA

Beautiful, shady, lots of bed and breakfasts, and great shopping. (I can't beleive I said SHOPPING, I hate shopping.)

Although I'm OK with anywhere within 500 miles of Sacramento, CA.
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I'd go! My vote was for the Florida Keys, home of the Hemingway cats!
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That would be great and I would be there for sure!
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Hissys pad would be OK. I would sleep in the long as I don't have to use a cow chip for a pillow...Im in.
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Any where is OK with me as long as there is enough notice! I would take the train so the kids could see the country we live in. Hey maybe we could start a collection to get this thing rolling? Anyone want to put their money where their mouth is?? If we chip in a little here and there we could have it in a year or two! If one of us wind the lottery... hey skys the limit! LOL
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If it were in BC Canada yes i'd be there.
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I voted Los Angeles, because I live here. LOL. Also, the weather is nice here, and there are a lot of fun things and places for people to do and see.

I would love to attend, as long as it wasn't too far away, providing I have enough money.
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I want it at hissy house so I can see the horses!!
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I would love it to be in disney world! That would be really cool
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