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it's been a while

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it's been a while since I was on the cat forum.
So, I just wanted to say "hi" to everyone. I had an interesting situation with some kittens from one of my feral cats. Two from the litter had cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a disease that effects the motor skills to varying degrees and is passed to the kittens from a mother carrying the distemper virus. I am happy to say that all three kittens were placed in loving homes, but this reiterates the importance of keeping cats indoors and getting them vaccinated. I was also pleasantly surprised that there were many websites from parents of CH kitties that told wonderful stories of how their babies compensated and led productive lives. This was much needed support for one of the potential CH kitty moms who was inspired by these stories. Anyway, I am glad for cat lovers all over the world singing the praises of living in harmony with the most unique species of all time. Thanks.
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hey kittykratz,

Glad to know that the kittens are fine and having a loving home now!!! Welcome back!!
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welcome back!
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Welcome back! How funny is this...just today someone dug up a thread from 2001 that you had replied to, and your name caught my eye.
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Welcome back home where ya belong
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Welcome back! Hope you stick around.
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welcome back kitty!
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Thanks for the warm welcome back. We are having heavy storms here tonight and all the kids are under the bed or in the closet!! Meathead and MooMoo Peepers love to sit in the rain on the porch, but at the first sign of lightning or thunder, they are the first ones to run! Meathead prefers to hide under the covers.
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Hey Andrea!

Haven't seen you around here in a l-o-n-g time! Glad to have you back. Purrs from Squirt and Joey.
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Hey, Deb....
Are you interested in another cat?? I have a big fat furry orange feral that I would love to find an indoor home for. He is very friendly, and I think he would be VERY easy to socialize. Let me know if you know anyone who would be willing to give him a try.
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Welcome back, you were missed!
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Would I be interested? Well, my opinion would differ from Squirt's, unfortunately. I am so afraid to bring another cat in because it took me so long to get him back to happy after getting lost and bringing Joey in.
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That's cool. Hey, when did you enter the witness protection program?!?
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LOL! Thought it was the govt's retirement program for teachers. I was misled!
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