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Hi from another newbie

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Hello. We have three cats, and are so pleased to be able to join this group and share with other supercats!

Our superkitties have been with us for a year+. Two boys, one girl, from shelters as kittens. Mozart is an orange mellow fearless furbaby. He is also the loudest propeller-machine, and enjoys demonstrating this one inch from our ears at 3am most nights.

Ginza is our sandy nervous super-intelligent boy (e.g. learned how to turn doorknobs). He trots with me all day EVERYWHERE at home, can never get enough laptime, quiet rumble-purr. Also super active.

Kayla is our cautious black-swirly petite princess. She has major cattitude, loudish purr, will scold me if she hasn't had enough scritches, or if I've disturbed her napping (on me) by daring to shift position (but sweetie, I've lost all feeling in my leg!).

My husband and I just adore them. Resources such as the cat books and websites like this have been invaluable helping us raise our furbabies and for research when we had surgeries this past year(umbilical hernia, abcesses, broken tooth). And of course for the pictures!!




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Welcome aboard.....I love the picture of about laid back I know you will love your stay here. We really know how to have fun
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Welcome to the site! What pretty kitties you have.

Kayla sounds a lot like my Ophelia - I get yelled at when I don't do something to her liking too. Silly girl. You know, I would never let a person talk to me in the tone of voice she uses, but with her it's kinda cute.
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Welcome to the site1 You will love it here!
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:flash: Welcome from a fellow Californian! :flash:
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Thank you so much for your wonderful welcome. I was so proud I got the post and links right! I will figure out how to do smilies and other emoticons soon, but in the meantime :-)

valanhb - Absolutely, I would never let a human get away with that tone, but yes, definitely cute with her too. And I chuckle (silently).
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Hi there superkitty!
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welcome to the site, you will like it here im sure, and you have some really pretty kitties, enjoy your time here.
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Thanks for the welcomes! Hey, harrythecat! Isn't it nice to finally get some nice weather here?

Yzma - Thanks for re-posting my pics, I was wondering what I did wrong, but at least the links worked! It's so nice to see our furbabies up. Could you PM me to let me know how to do it right, and I'll try it with another one? Much appreciated.

BTW, I made hubby read these posts, and he noticed you were in KL. He is quite envious, he misses the weather there. He lived in Penang briefly a couple years ago, I stayed for 3 weeks. Read a LOT of books. Loved those hawker stalls.
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welcome to the boards!! I'm sure you will love it here. You can see all my many furbabies in my siggie
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Hi there and welcome to the lists. Your cats are gorgeous, I love their colouring. Kayla is especially pretty.
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Thanks for your welcomes! Practicing my picture posting now, hope this comes out. If it does, that's Mozart trying to get at a deer passing by. Kayla is the one just observing.

Yup, Mozart really thinks he can take on the deer. He has stared (leashed) down my neighbor's large dog (leashed) and made him run backwards behind his owner and whimper. Has tried to swipe a Great Dane that got too close (at vets). Many other stories.

Oh gosh!! Success! I did it, I did it (jumping up and down, childishly for a woman my age.) Thanks again, jgaruba!
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Woohoo!!! You did it!

And your babies are just TOO cute! Makes me just want to squeeeeeeze them all!
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Welcome,beautful cats.
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welcome! Pretty kitties you have there.
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Pretty Cats! Welcome to the boards!!!!
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Welcome! Enjoy your staying here
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Thanks everyone! I've been having so much fun here already, and very "addicted"
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Welcome, what pretty fur babies you have!

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Lovely kitties! Welcome. It IS addictive, isn't it?
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