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5 Signs It's Cowboy Country!

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Hi Everyone,

While I Was stranded last night I was thinking about some of the things I saw to and fro! Here are 5 things that tell you you're in Cowboy country!

5. Horse & Rider signs and Cow Crossing signs along the freeway.

4. Everyone drives a pickup truck.

3. Cacti have christmas lights hangning from them and is the state flower!

2. The advertisments on the radio are for livestock vaccines and feed.

And the #1 sign.....

1. The cops and state troopers wear real cowboy hats (vs the trooper hat that looks a little like a cowboy hat)!
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That's for sure That would be the thing that clinched it the State Troopers with the cowboy hats.

How was your trip? Did you get the kitties with no problems? Got any pictures yet? Gee...I'm full of questions tonight sorry
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You are a bit behind aren't you!?! First read the "I'm Back" thread, then the "Missy Hissy found!" thread and then the "Miss Henrietta" thread! She is the only one I have a pic of and that's only because I got it off the website. I have to use my film up and then take them in. And that isn't easy since I don't have a car! Long story.. that's in the "I'm back" thread too!

I didn't come home with the kitties I thought I would but I came home happy! Henrietta choose me!
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A tourist lady was sitting in a Western diner, when a cowboy walked in and sat at the counter. Fascinated, she sat next to him and began to ask questions about his distinctive attire.

"I know that the hat is to protect your head from the hot sun and chaps protect your legs from thorns and brush but, why the tennis shoes?" she asked.

"Well, ma'am," the cowboy replied. "Its so that I don't get mistaken for a trucker."
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good one!
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Cattle guards!
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