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I thought of a weird question. Does anyone

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think that their pets know the difference between intentional abuse (slapping, hitting, etc.)and an accidental slap or having their tails or feet stepped on? I mean I just wondered because every so often I accidently tread on my cat's tail or feet, and occassionally have "whacked" her in my sleep. I always am super apologetic and sweet immediately after, but I often wonder if animals who are really purposely abused and loved immediately after by the abuser react with forgiveness? I have never purposely hit my cats but I wonder Do they understand the difference between us hurting them on accident v. an intentional hit? Things that make you go hmmm....
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I sure hope so! Otherwise, Harry thinks I'm abusive. That would break my heart.
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I really think that animals know the difference between accidential hurting and someone who just gets pleasure out of tormenting them.

My Ex-husband was one of those people that got pleasure out of tormenting animals and me as well. That is just one reason why he is now the Ex My little dog hated him and would have glady chewed on him at any chance that he got. Thankfully I always kept Junior with me so the ex couldn't hurt him when I wasn't there.
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I think they can tell the difference. I've noticed if I accidentally step on a tail or trip over a kitty they forgive me very quickly. Unless it's a strange kitty that isn't familar with me. Then it takes a little longer!
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Working with abused animals I can tell you that they know the difference between intentional abuse and accidents. We had a dog here one time that was so terrorized by her previous owner, that every time the man walked by the house (he used to try intimidation tactics to get his dog back) she would go and hide in the farthest corner of our property until he went away.
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I think that they do know the difference. Cats are very receptive to our moods; we all know that they come and sit with us when we are particularly sad. When you accidentally step on their tail or something, they don't sense any hostility so their okay with it. I've accidently kicked (well, more like forcefully nudged) Snowball because she got underfoot when I was walking; when I did it her eyes got all huge like she was scared for a second, but then I quickly said "Oops!" and pet her, and she seemed to understand because she calmed right down.

As ashamed as I am to admit it, I did bop her once on the nose after she sank her teeth into my arm, and I was pretty pissed. She definately picked up on it because she ran away and hid for awhile.
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I think they know....
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My cats know because they have ESP and know my mind. They know they would never be hurt intentionally by me. I play rough with my Siamese, Simba, and roll him around the floor and push him over and spank his (fat) butt. He loves it and he could take it that I was mad. But he knows it is his nightly fun time and he chases after me down the hall and grabs my ankles. He never ever bites or scratches me in our play fights. He is sooo intelligent. BUT, different story altogether when I have a pill (between my teeth) and I'm sneaking nonchalantly up on a victim. Like I said ESP!! They get it real quick and it takes me awhile to trick them and catch them! Never fails to amaze me. They love it when I have to apologize for stepping on a tail or paw because they get a treat and lots of kisses.
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i think they do, animals are so much smarter than we realize, they are smater than some people i know
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I think they know. I notice it more with my dog, Skipper, who was abused as a puppy, than I do with Socks. Once, I accidently closed the screen door on Skipper's tail and he forgave me right away. I've stepped on Sock's paws numerous times and she seems to forgive me. Of course, if I do accidently cause them any pain, they always get extra scritches and treats. Most of the time, I think they forget about it long before I do because for about a week after, I'm always worried that they are still hurt. They both give me this look like, 'Mum, we're fine...but we really do like extra treats, but do you have to step on us so we can have them?'. LoL. Poor guys... I'm such a klutz.
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I think animals know the difference between an accidental hurting and intentional abuse. A lot of it has to do with your body posture, IMO. When I accidentally kick Ivo or step on her tail, I'm not focusing on her (and that's probably why I did it in the first place-I'm not paying attention to where she is). But if you are going after an animal to abuse it, you are looking at them and advancing on them with intent. That's probably what the animals are picking up on-whether your focus was on them or not.
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