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The Restaurant

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Is anyone else watching this TV show?

I'm not usually into reality TV at all, but I like this one. I guess because it really IS reality - it isn't about someone getting voted off the island. It's real people's real lives, and a real business.

OK, and Rocco is pretty cute too.
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I'm watching Fargo. It just started.
It's ment to be quite good.
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I have never heard of it...
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It's on Sunday nights on NBC right after Law & Order Criminal Intent.
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I missed it! I was looking forward to seeing it, and my daughter too, she wants to be a chef when she grows up. We were watching Little Nicky on tv and forgot about it. Oh well I will remind myself to watch the next show.
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I don't watch reality shows! I have too much reality in my life! Usually I'm looking to escape it!
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Of course, I have been watching it and LOVE it! And yes, I agree, Rocco is a little bit on the cute side. =)
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I'm a permanent resident of lalaland and the lalaland emperor has made reality tv illegal.... anyone caught watching it will be thrown to the crocodiles
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Carla, how typical is that? You've been gone for a year, and yet we're STILL watching the same TV shows!

It's SO good to see you and Jedi again!!!
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Is that the show when a restaurant owner opens his store and he's got a deadline to meet, yadda yadda yadda? I found that the stories ALWAYS end with a happy ending. SOMEHOW they always make the deadline or the extended deadline and everyone is happy.

Too predictable for me.
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My Hubby is like obsessed with the show, I make fun of him. Next week The Nursing Home......So Gay... I guess its ok for a reality show, I do admit I do enjoy it.
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Yeah, Rocco's opening a restaurant, and they have met the deadlines so far, but I wouldn't exactly say it's predictable. The fire in the kitchen on opening night, and the total ineptness of some of the staff wasn't what I expected, nor was firing some of the staff after the first night. I'm sure the restaurant won't go under, but it's definitely interesting to me.
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