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Sniffle, Sob, Pout, Whine...

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Hello All!

I've been away for about a month due to a Major Malfunction with my computer, but it's fixed now and I'm back.

Here's where the sniffling, sobbing, pouting and whining comes in...
No one seems to have missed me, or possibly even noticed I was gone?

I often thought about people here and missed this site as much as my regular e-mail...maybe more? I'm probably being over-sensitive, been a rough week, and I'm a bit moody today. :witch:

Anyway, it's good to be back, have a ton of catching up to do here!

Hugzzz to all!

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I am glad you got your computer working again. I am sorry you feel as if you weren't missed. Speaking for myself, I noticed you weren't around but either figured you were busy or on vacation. Glad you are back though
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Actually we did notice that you were gone....I think that Blue posted in a thread (maybe a daily thread?) and asked where you were.

glad things are back up, running and back online
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Cleo!!!!!!!!! We DID notice you were gone!!! I know I made mention of it in a thread, but I should have started a " Where is Cleo " thread...and for not doing that , I am very, very sorry.....there are so many members here...and sometimes it is hard to remember if they have said they are on vacation or will be back soon, or not.
We did miss you!!!! Please don't think for a second that we didn't!!!
You add something here that noone else can.....YOU!!!! And we you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad you are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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When a family member (meaning you) is missing, we all start to wonder but I figured you were on vacation and would pop up when you got back. Glad the computer is working again and if thi ever happens again, please go to a friend's house or somewhere where you can get access and let us know what's happening. Anyway, welcome home.

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Welcome back Cleo! I remember people asking about you, so don't feel bad. It's rough when you can't get to a computer. I always feel like I'm missing something when I visit my mom and can't read posts or post for a few days. She has a computer, but it's hard to say, "Mom, I know I drove 3 hours down here to visit you, but I have to check my cat board." I think she's take to child abuse if I tried that.

We're glad you're back!
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I, for one, have greatly missed the Daily Cat Toon thread. Will you be going back to giving me my daily belly laugh?

Welcome back. Glad the computer is in working order. How did you go a month without it? I think I'd lose what little sanity I have left.

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Cleo; I, too, thought you were on vacation and forgot to say Good Bye.
I am sorry for being so "self-centered" in assuming same. . .

I have also missed the "Daily Toon"

Glad your computer is "WELL" again!

How about a little :pinky:
dance to cheer you up??? :pinky:
:pinky: :pinky:

NO ? ? ? ? Well, how about the old :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim:

If you were n MO. I would let you come "Ride My New Bed. . . . . ."

TLK _V_(with her legs in the air)
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I am laughing so hard I could fall off your bed!
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Deb25; You're just saying that 'cause
you want to come ride with me and Cleo.
:pinky: :pinky:

OKAY, but you have to bring the "Buffalo Wings"

TLK _V_ %< (oops! I fell off)
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I know I'm not tired because I had too much caffeine in the coffee thread. You are just genuinely a riot!

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Okay, like I mentioned, I'm a little moody today...much better now though!
Thank you everyone for the nice welcome back...it means a lot to me

Okay, whats the scoop on this new bed...I missed a lot in my absence I see...if we're all in the same bed I need to be filled in here!:LOL:

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Hey! Welcome back! Tell us what you've been up to for the past month. I, for one, didn't assume you were on vacation. I never think in terms of "vacation" since I've not had one myself since 1975. "Vacation" doesn't even compute in my mind anymore — probably because they cost so darned much money!

Anyway, the important consideration is that you're back!


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Welcome back Cleo!!
I sure now how you felt without a computer - that's how I feel every weekend. The best thing is hwen you start to catch up with threads - absolutely my favourite. Still I do feel I'm missing a more direct touch with all of you because of the time difference and that I don't have a computer at home.
Maybe I should try going to a computer club some weekend to see more of all of you.
Cleo, how's the fur babies? Still as beautiful as ever?
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you were missed, i've been wondering where the heck you were for awhile, and
i sent you a PM yesterday morning asking if you were alright, did you get that?

i'm glad to have you back!

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Cleo....Darlene will have to tell you herself about the new bed...I am afraid I would leave something out!!!! The main thing is....it VIBRATES!!!!!!!!!! :laughing: and it adjusts so her feet are way above her head.... :laughing:

Darlene....You are just a hop, skip and a jump South of me....can I come take a ride on your wild bed??????????????????? :laughing:
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PS.... I'll bring the Spam!
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:confused2 did you get my PM, Cleo, from yesterday morning, from before you got back?
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Hi Cleo,

I'm new (just started posting 2 days ago) and I would have missed you if I'd been here sooner!!:
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