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we are having a hard time right now...
it seems one bad thing after another...
I am having to look into a part time job, trying hard not to, but I will have to just get up and do it...It's hard to pay rent when hubby's check doesn't cover it and budget it in with groceries, and bills too....I do know how to budget, but it just seems like everything is giving us a reason not to...I don't know how to get us ahead except work another job...I will have to work in the evenings after Steve comes home from work..life has been soo hectic lately, and now that I am not babysitting anymore, our income situation is not going so well....I just needed to vent I guess....anyway, thanks for whoever read this...
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Things will get better! I'm sending get a raise vibes your way!
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Tie or pin a piece of yellow ribbon on the inside of your purse or wallet. It's an old superstision thing my grandmother used to do, she said it helped to attract money to you.
I know it's not the winning lottery numbers but it's free and anything that may help? She said it always worked for her
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If you are eligible for the child tax rebate, it should be coming soon. I think they started mailing out checks this week and for the next 3 weeks, it depends on your social security number. Also yard sales tend to bring in lots of extra cash too, if you have things you no longer use and want to get rid of. We cleaned out our attic not long ago because we accumulated alot of stuff and had no where to store anything else and we made quite a bit, I was surprised!
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There are a lot of budgeting and money-saving tips on the Internet - www.stretcher.com is a good one. Sending best wishes your way!
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Here is a good website with free downloads

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