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Attention Dial Up users!

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I have been told there is a problem with my web site and some folks cannot get through to other pages. I haven't had any problems going through it and wonder if any of you can let me know if there is a problem?

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Teresa- When I was using InterNet Explorer I couldn't view your site , the pictures came up saying you don't have the component and whenever I tried to download that it said I have to have the Chinese Translater thingy on it so I could never view your site.

It wasn't until recently that I downloaded Mozilla and can now view your site with ease, seeing ALL the pictures.

BTW I'm on Dial-Up.
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Sam, you just click 'cancel' when that pops up.

I can see it fine and I'm on internet explorer. I'm not on dial up though
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I can see your site fine with IE or Netscape. However it does load slow because of the pictures. And I have cable broadband. So I'm sure it's really slow for dial up users. It's worth the wait! I love looking at all those little faces!
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Thanks! The kittens get cuter every day! Please feel free to sign my guestbook while you are there.
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i did not have any problems viewing your site, i have Internet Explorer and also dial up, it was a little slow but nothing unusal, nice web site
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I re-created the pages by converting them out of HTML and then back again. This should clean up the code some. I also dropped the image sizes to allow faster download.

Let me know what happens when you try again. Let me know time, connection type, browser, and ISP to help me evaluate the issues.

Home page is 115Kb
Adult page is 57Kb
Kitten page is 200Kb
Link page is 57Kb

Please use this link to hit our home page:
Dragon Pass Cats Home Page

Then use the links on the site to hit the other pages.

Thanks for the help.
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I tried it using both IE and Netscape. Both are loading much faster now and are faster to navigate.Initial loading of the website took 9 seconds with IE and 6 second with Netscape. With IE I get a little drag when scrolling the pages that I don't get with Netscape. It only took a second or two to navigate to different pages. The only problem was scrolling on the IE browswer. I'm using Comcast Cable Broadband with a cable modem.
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Thanks, that helps.

I do need a couple of dial up users to give it a shot. It seems the high speed people don't have as big of an issue as dial up.

mzjazz2u you are an

Thanks Again
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Sicy- I tried that but the picture were just NOT there.. Thanks anyway , but anyway I can see them on Mozilla so it's cool

Awww! Yes Much faster to load now, Congrats on a cool site!
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Loaded up fine for me - just took awhile to load, but so does everything on my computer. Nice website! The only thing odd is that your links to the other pages don't change my pointer to a hand like most links do, but they still work if I click them.
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All pictures loaded properly for me if I didn't start scrolling around the page until it was fully loaded.
I started scrolling the first time and I just got

Time: 1 min 10 sec to load homepage
Browser: IE
Dial-up (56k) Doh!
ISP: iPrimus

And my connection is veeery sloooow.

Hope that helps.
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I love you web site!I am not a dial up though.
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What a coincidence, Teresa! I was just on your site yesterday (sorry - I didn't take the time to sign the guest book. I will later!)

I love the site! I'm a dialup user, and I didn't have any problems navigating. It takes a while for pics to load, but it was much better than some sites. It took less time that SaveSamoa, LOL!

...I'm used to it... we have no options out here. I guess we could look into satellite, but we can't afford more monthly bills than we already have.

Great site BTW.

Oh - I use Netscape as my navigator.
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Well I think that covers it.
It works, slowly, and if the users scroles too much it over loads thier buffer (depending on browser) I may put a warning of load time then redirect to the front page.(or not )
As to why the mouse does not change I have no idea how to fix it.

Thanks again...
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