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Bad bathroom habits

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I need help. I am the new mommy of a stray cat (vet says about 2-3 years old)and have never owned a cat before. He is mostly an outdoor cat, but has been staying in the house more and more lately. I have a liter box, but he won't use it. This hasn't been a probelm until a few days ago. I was taking a nap in my bed with a quilt over me, and Kitty came & sat down on me and staring peeing. He had never done this before. It's very rare that he even comes into my bedroom (can't quite figure that out either) but makes himself at home in all the other rooms of the house. Then the topper, I was in the shower, and Kitty came back into my bedroom and pooped right where I sleep! What's the deal? Does he smell my scent or think that I am his mate? I just need some advice on what to do, I can't have my Kitty peeing and pooping in my bed!! Can anyone help me?

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The very first thing I would do is get kitty a thorough vet check. Cats can't tell us they hurt in words, so they show us - and the most common way they show us is what we consider inappropriate elimination. Especially with him coming into your bedroom, which is unusual, I would think he's trying to tell you something.

Once he's given the all clear from the vet, if he still continues peeing outside the box, get some organic potting soil and put that in the litterbox. If he's used to going outside, this will be familiar (going in dirt) and you can gradually add clay litter until you switch over.

Also, please look at this thread for more ideas: Inappropriate Peeing
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