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LMAO Val re the typos. THey dont bother me.
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People who drive around in their cars with their windows down and their "super-mega-eardrum-splitting-nerve-wracking-bass-boost" playing at full volume.
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Originally posted by Tybalt
People who think that just because you're outside, you like their smoke in your face.

People who force their infants and children to breathe their second-hand smoke.

Wow Tybalt didn't think that my one little bet peeve would set you off. and to clear up a few facts.........Not every smoker does things like that. and not every smoker has kids
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sweatshirts tucked in.

someone saying they will call at a certain time, then don't.

not putting things back where they were found.

leaving the toilet lid up.

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Originally posted by Tybalt
They did those things, which is why I have lifetime asthma, but it's already killed them, so I'll let them sort it out with their creator.

I can understand that!! but not every child who is smoked around gets asthma.........I come from a family of both parents smoking and grandparents and aunts and uncles.........I don't have asthma.........smoking doesn't cause it it raises the chances of a child developing it. But all in all it's understandable it just rubbed me kinda wrong when I first read your post........But with a situation like that I can understand your not enjoying us smokers. Take care
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I hate when aquaintences just " drop by",in our house we have a high school student,a first shifter who has to be up at 4 am,and naps in the afternoon, a second shifter and yours truly, a third shifter.We always have someone asleep,I'm still in my nightclothes and my hair looks like I slept standing on my head, and they're asking " Did I wake you?" And it's usually a visitor for someone not hpme from work yet....grrrr...
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Boys who wear those ugly mandals. I keep hoping that they will go out of style.

People who make a complete stop make a right hand turn when traffic is moving at 30+ mph.
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Originally posted by uabassoon
Boys who wear those ugly mandals. I keep hoping that they will go out of style.

People who have no respect for personal space in lines. I don't know you - please quit leaning against me & breathing down my neck!

People who use their Excursions to bully other drivers on the road. If you need to drive a behemoth, fine, but please don't use it as an excuse to ignore traffic laws.

rant ahead...

A big pet peeve for me is people who smoke in public restrooms (which we all have to use) when they could just walk over to the smoking section or go outside instead.

I can't stand it when restaurants put the smoking section right in front of the restrooms so you have to get smoke in your hair & clothes if you need to use the restroom.

I sympathize with individuals who are addicted to cigarettes. However, a curteous smoker understands that smoking, though an addiction, is a voluntary action...breathing is not. My mom always goes outside now to smoke, even when the weather is bad. I feel terrible for her...she's been trying to quit for years now.

For the smoking/athsma connection this is a good link:
also take a look at the CDC website.

My parents smoked, and I suffered from athsma, chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, etc. throughout childhood - I was ill more days than healthy. As an adult I have made a conscious effort to avoid tobacco, even up to getting up and leaving a restaurant where the smoking section is too close to the nonsmoking section, and entirely forgoing clubs & bars. After having sinus surgery to clear the years of damage, I have not been sick at all for years now, except for 1 athsma attack & sinus infection 1 year ago when I went to a concert I really wanted to see. I am thrilled that smoking is now limited in most public would sure be nice to be able to go listen to music & not get sick, though. Hopefully someone will see a market opportunity & open a smoke-free music hall here.
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Boys who wear those ugly mandals. I keep hoping that they will go out of style.
What are mandals?
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Found a link showing those lovely "mandals":
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LMAO hubby wears those

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LMAO also, what's wrong with mandals?

I second the smoking. I used to smoke so I had experiences with non-smokers who would let me know they didn't like it. I agree, you have the right to smoke where legal, but its not your right to do it where non-smokers are. I am so glad I quit, after years of bronchitis and pneumonia, I just quit. People can quit smoking, it is up to you to decide, this was my second attempt and I did it. I relapsed on the 1st try after a friend gave me some cuban cigars for my birthday (heee!) Of course I had major munchies, because your body is so manipulated to it, so I ate a ton of cookies, even my co-workers were teasing me, calling me cookiemonster. But I got through it!!! Now I can't imagine doing it again! Yeck!
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I quit about a year ago. But I didn't get asthma from smoking, if anything the smoking helped the asthma because it irritated the lungs enough to let me cough some of the junk up. I quit, though, because my lungs got even worse and even the irritation from the smoke didn't help. I was in the hospital ER overnight and got four breathing treatments within a week along with mega steroids and a new inhaler I have to use in addition to my regular one (and now have to use both 3 times a day instead of as needed). Hubby still smokes.

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Congratulations for quitting, so sorry you have to go through that
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I can breathe now so I don't complain.

I did try quiting at least 3 or 4 times a year before then, though, even when I got Bronchitis and just wasn't ready to give it up I guess.

I liked the feeling the cigarettes gave me (hated the taste and smell). I smoked them like most people smoke pot and you can really get a buzz that way. I also smoked Kool 100s. The worst of the worst.
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Well, I am a smoker. I quit for 18 months and was doing really great. Then my husband died. I buckled under the stress, and high-tailed my little behind to the store one day and bought a pack. I've been smoking since. With that said, I am a polite smoker. I don't smoke in other people's homes, even if they tell me it's okay. I don't smoke in other's cars.

More pet peeves coming up:

I sit in the non-smoking section, and hate when I have to go through the smoking section to get there.

I hate it when people throw their butts on the ground! I spent enough time in my Army days on police call picking up the butts of others and it totally grossed me out! I've never thrown a butt on the ground since. I field strip my butt and put it in my pocket or purse to throw away in a proper trash can.
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Hubby wouldn't say that--he gets tired of hearing me carp on the subject and he's been banished from most of the house (I can't banish him from his PC, it just doesn't work, I've tried). He's tried the patch, the gum, the pill. He won't join a group because he doesn't believe in any type of therapy (I know it would probably work, but he's very strongly against it and I still push it).

I keep buying him quit smoking aids and try to gently push him. I reward him for going without, but I also realize that he's smoked for 30 years and it's a lot harder for him to quit than me (smoked on and off for a little over 15 and 7 of those were smoke-free).

I wouldn't say I'm an enabler and my love certainly doesn't allow the smoking. I try to do it nicely by commenting, "You know those fire sticks ain't gonna let you last the next 50 years." Sometimes I call them deathsticks, but that makes him even more adamant to do nothing about it.

The asthma attacks do more than anything else and I'm not going to risk a deadly attack to get him to quit.

Anyhow--I hate it when smokes let their smoke drift over to me (and yes, I'm extraordinarily rude even when hubby accidentally does it).

I hate it when smokers congregate right outside a doorway to a building and smoke and you have to walk through the crowd to get in or out of the building. In CA they're supposed to be 50 feet away from any intake or door, but they don't care.

I hate it when I'm sitting in my car, enjoying the sun and the air and some lousy smoker's cigarette smoke drifts in from their car (either in traffic or because they just passed me).

A lot of smokers don't do that stuff, but there are also a lot who do.

And the biggest pet peeve: smokers who assume they're the majority of the population and everything should be done to suit them (excuse me? You never were more than 30% and now you're even less, get real!)

I think that smokers who smoke so much that they smell of stale smoke are pretty gross too.

But....I also realize the other side. As a smoker I was very conscientious of where my smoke went and I didn't like non-smokers who'd get in my face and then bitch about the smoke (Duh! Like, you're in the smoking section, leave.) As a smoker I was very conscientious of my house, my car, my clothes, and me smelling of smoke. I'd air out everything constantly and use those smoke covering scents. Fresh air and no contact with smoke is the best way though. As a smoker I hated people who rode me for smoking. I'd been trying to quit and it wasn't working because I wasn't ready to do so. It also makes you more adamant about not quitting. That's why I try not to nag hubby.
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