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Tail-Gaters....Hate em I will slam on brakes to get some one off my bumper.
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The phrase "Why do I have to do it"

Kids that don't move when you ask them to do something.


Wasted food

People that never finnish what they start.
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good ones!
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Reality TV...
Game Shows...

Hollywood Box Office 'Hits'...
Uninspired Music... ie. B.S. .... oops, i mean Britnney Spears

People who smoke...

Big Hair
...the word woman (weird isn't it?)
the W word really gets to me...
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Got a couple more phone related ones...

Men who return a call from a woman at a business, and just assume that whatever woman answers the phone (i.e. the "lowly" receptionist) must be the woman who called them. Like a woman can't hold any position except secretary!

People who use caller ID as their answering machine and then call back all pissy "Someone from this number called me" and then get even more pissy when I ask who they are. OK, this is a business with 20+ employees. I don't know who in the hell called you! Get freakin' voice mail!!!

People who call on their darn speaker phones, and are still having a conversation on their end. Don't they understand how this works? If you are talking, the phone automatically mutes anyone on the other end. So they can't hear me when I answer the phone. Actually, speaker phones in general when you are making a phone call. I understand the need for them with conference calls and all, but those people who are too damn lazy to pick up the receiver when they dial really irritate me!
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Yes, speaker phones are soo annoying!
And how about the chronic breaker.. the driver in front of you that has to tap on his breaks every 30 seconds, for no reason at all.
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Ditto the speaker phones!
Ditto the "chronic braker"
My most hated are people who litter, and people who make messes of public restrooms...blech!
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I have hubby well trained with the loo seat, so no problems there.

I hate people who drive at night and don't dip their headlights and I can't see a bloody thing!

People who rip others off.

People who show off and brag about themselves.

People telling me what to do and how to do things. That causes me to rebel.
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I have a few more....You don't want to get me started with the telephone thing....but since I work as a tele-receptionist, which is a glorified Telephone Answering service operator, I most certainly have lots of telephone related pet peeves. Here are a few:

1-People who call at 3am, wanting to talk to their attorney, at that time of the morning. (I can understand if they are in jail, but 99% of the time, it's someone with something really trivial, that can wait until the ofc opens)

2-People calling from a different time zone and expecting things to be open, because it's 9am THEIR TIME, who cares if it's only 6am out here in California.

3-People on cell phones-they sound so awful - they cut out - there is usually a lot of static, (and these people always want to leave a long detailed message).

4-People who are calling up to get a telephone number, and then not having a pen in hand to write it down.

5-People who treat you really nasty, because they can't see you, so they have the nerve to talk to you, like you are beneath them.

6-People who don't have the basic ability to say their name and number.

I could go on, and on and on.

Here's one more car related Pet Peeve of mine:

People who get in your car while you're driving, and won't leave your radio alone. I just hate that. I have a friend who keeps changing the station, to get to a song she likes. I say, "JUST LEAVE THE RADIO, ALONE."
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tattle tales
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Work Pet Peeve:

People who ask you how to do something and then after you tell them they say, "But why do I have to do it THAT way????"


People call up with a problem and once you diagnose the problem and tell them how to fix it they say, "But we never had to do that before!"
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1. PIMPLES!!!! I'm in my thirties, why do I have to re-live this horror!

2. The hostess of American idol

3. people who automatically want to hold my son and I try explaining that he'll start crying because he's not familiar with that person and then they have an attitude with me, like I don't know my own son!

4. skinny people (no offense, but after having one child, I've declared mental war with any slim people!)

5. people who argue about religious stuff or try to find fault in other peoples religions or lack there of, or try to save or convert people, or use it as a means to start war or kill innocent people, or political, this world/universe is big enough for us to co-exist among one another peacefully!

6. again cold freakin McDonalds fries!
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Hmm...I can probably think of more than a few.

1. People who call my home and can't pronounce my name. (Usually telemarketers). Granted, it's not a common last name, but at least try to come close. Don't add letters, that won't help.

2. People who pull into the left (passing) lane and then drop their speed to 55. Move over, already.

3. People who can't park the way normal people do. They have to park diagonally across 3 spaces so no one can come near their precious car. Makes me want to go run my key along the side panel...

4. People who say, "You have HOW MANY CATS?!" and then proceed to tell me that I should "find homes for" or "get rid of" some of them. I don't tell you how many children to have, you don't tell me how many cats to have, deal?

5. Another telephone one: telemarketer calls on Saturday or Sunday mornings, before 11 AM. Go away and never come back.

6. Spelling or grammatical errors on posted signs/billboards/menus and things of that sort. Didn't ANYONE proofread the damn thing? (My favorite, at the Staples print center: "Customers are responsible for proofreading there own documents." I pointed at it and asked the manager if it was deliberately spelled that way as a joke, given the nature of the sign. He didn't get it. I had to point out the misspelling. He didn't believe me.)
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Oh, I second the bit about the cold McDonald's fries, also about cold or bad coffee. Those are both sacrilege!
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[quote]Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
[b]Hmm...I can probably think of more than a few.

1. People who call my home and can't pronounce my name. (Usually telemarketers). Granted, it's not a common last name, but at least try to come close. Don't add letters, that won't help.

oooooo!!! yeah that's a good one, I usually hang up since they are mostly telemarketers!
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ROACHES!!!! I can't believe I forgot to put that on my number one pet peeve!!! Sorry, of all the creatures that had to be created, this is one that I just can't seem to kill or get rid of or even live in peace with because they take over your freaking household!!!
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One more, telemarketer pet peeve - Why do they have people calling who barely speak English, or have such heavy accents that the average English speaker can't understand them? I realize that these people need jobs too....but making outbound calls ISN'T IT!!
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Aaaaah!!!!! Roaches aren't a pet peeve, they are a nightmare!!!!! My only roach experience was a few yrs ago, when the apt building next to mine was being demolished, the roaches moved to the next building over. I had one in my apartment and I screamed when I saw it. I had to get a friend to come over and kill it, I was so terrified and freaked out!

I also get that way about centipedes. Anything with that many legs can't be good to have around. Just thinking about them makes me itch all over.
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People who ask me after i tell them i'm vegetarian if i eat fish!
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Oh, that's how you stay slender Yzma, if you don''t mind the compliment! Yah, there are a couple of classes of vegetarians, those who eat fish, those who eat dairy products, those who eat fish but not dairy products, those who don't eat fish or dairy products, in the hindu class, there are those who eat chicken but they still call themselves vegetarian, of course, maybe its because they like eating chicken here in the US and they're not under the watchful eye.

1. electric bill - during the summer they raise the prices since everyone uses their AC aargh!
2. cable companies- ridiculous that you pay so much for channels you don't watch!
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1. People who don't clean up after themselves or their children in a restaurant. Do you leave your house like that after a meal?? I think not!!!

2. Loud, rude, mean ignorant ppl who think they are above you b/c you are working at a minimum wage job.

3. Slow drivers.....same as everyone else, except we don't have very many 4 lane hiways here in my part of the country, so you have to wait and wait and wait to finally pass, then the dorks speed up.

4. People who can't figure out something to do when there is a list there to follow...can you not read????

Hmm....that's about all for now. I'm sure I'll think of other ones. lol
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1. people who don't reply to e-mails or pm's - I took the time to type it, send something back!

2. people who outbid me on e-bay - i know, that is what its about but I really want pottery barn curtains for the price of $12!!
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Old ugly disgusting fat truck drivers who think they can flirt with you b/c they are men, and 2 you are a young girl (well, like 20-ish)! Also when they come into the store, and they have their shirts above their bellies, and pants way below the waist....how in the world can anyone think that looks good enough to go to a public place????? Also fat ppl who wear tight clothes, or have boob fat hanging out the back/sides of their tops....and try to be all skinny like and look so bad! Ditto for skinny ppl who are way to skinny. It's so not sexy to be able to count ribs....Through your shirt!!
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People who abuse service industry employees!

on the flip side...service industry employees who do not understand the concept of "customer service"

People who don't teach their children to respect animals
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people who perpetuate harmful myths about animals such as "if you want to have children you'll need to get rid of your cat...the cat will try to steal the baby's breath!"
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Originally posted by Yzma
People who ask me after i tell them i'm vegetarian if i eat fish!
..So do you eat fish?
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I have many pet peeves!

1. "Pull Out and Putz Drivers" (as I call 'em) - They pull out in front of you nearly causing an accident and then drive 2 MPH . . . . and then pull off the road again (without directionals of course)Grrrrrrr!!!!

2. People who forget to turn off their directionals leading you to believe that they are going to turn (for 5 miles).

3. Smokers. Especially young people who should know better!! Also those who toss burning cigarettes out the car window nearly giving me a heart attack - not to mention polluting the world with ugly & toxic butts.

4. Smoking in restaurants.

5. People who cut lines or stand right beside you at a counter (bank, store, etc.).

6. People who leave their pets outside day & night no matter what the weather.

7. Screaming out of control children in grocery stores - especially those that are not being supervised and are ramming carts into everything.

8. Rude, arrogant, nasty people who think the world owes them a living.

9. Cussing in public.

10. Verbal abuse (to children or other adults).

11. Seeing pets left in cars.

12. Automated phone systems where you have to press a multitude of numbers and if you get discombobulated you have to hang up and start all over again. . . or never find the option you need for your problem and can never talk to a live person. Grrrrr.

13. Litter.

14. 2 inch hairs growing off of a woman's chin or upper lip. Yuck! Pluck it, shave it.

15. People who don't hold doors when you are right behind them, or those who don't take the door from you (or say thank you when you hold it for them).

16. Mean spirited gossip.

17. People who blast their car horns for no apparent reason. . . and nearly send me into cardiac arrest when I'm out for a stroll.
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My pet peeves are:

1: socks with sandles! I just hate that!!
2: spoiled rotten kids ( worked in child care for 7 years)
3: smelly people
4: dirty cars or trucks!
5: the cap on the toothepaste being left offf
6: prank calls.....or the ones where people call and then hang up once you answer
7: My sister in law lol
8: blowing nose in public like a resturant! I am eating I don't want to hear someone else's SNOT flying into a tissue!! YUCK!
9: Peope who ask smokers to not smoke in an open area.
10: Tailgaters!!
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people that complain about people doing stuff when they do it themselves

People that call and leave longggggggggg messages and never get to the point.

People that don't return emails and just leave ya hanging forever!!

Sorry for those of you that hate typos. I'm the typo queen. I type around 80 words per minute while talking on the phone and don't proof read
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