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Pet Peeves....again.

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OK, I know we've done this a hundred times before, but since pet peeves sometimes change with the day I thought this may be fun again.

Remember, pet peeves are not things that get you spitting mad....just little things irritate you to no end.

I'll start...My latest pet peeves are:

People who "forget" to flush the toilet, or decide to conserve water by not flushing #1 in an office...without telling anyone else this grand plan!

Telemarketing or bill collectors who call with the "Please hold for an important message." Yeah, right. And does that really work often? (I get those calls at work, since I'm the receptionist. They have 5 seconds or less to have a real person answer in my world.)

Cell phone telemarketers who just don't understand that I don't WANT a cell phone. One of them actually asked me "But what if you were hit by a bus and needed to call for help?" My answer was "Then I would be dead and a cell phone wouldn't do any good."

And my #1 pet peeve of the moment: When my husband refers to me as "the wife" when I'm sitting right there! (Me and the wife were thinking about eating there....) Hello! I have a name, and the person you are talking to KNOWS my name too. They won't get confused, I promise.

And your pet peeves???
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Open cupboards


People that immediately want to pick up my cat when they come over (she doesnt like it) and when they dont listen to me when I say "she doesnt like to be picked up!"
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I could go on for a while with all mine, but for now.
Women and some men who wear too much Cologne, and most of the time its the cheap stuff.

Telemarketers, I have put my # on the do not call list but I guess its not in affect yet.

Flyer's left on my porch or door.

Someone you meet at a dinner or the like who sell something like insurance, and spend the time trying to make a sale.
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People who can't wait in line (seems to be about 50% of Germans). People who ask if I'm "the lady of the house" - today I answered, "No, I'm the whore", and they hung up. I'll have to try that one again.
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Originally posted by jcat
"No, I'm the whore", and they hung up. I'll have to try that one again.
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha I'll have to try that one!

My pet peeves are old ladies who talk to me in baby talk. and moving, ugh! the mess!
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1-Drivers spend most of their drive time talking on their cell phone. (Don't they know they should be paying attention to the road & not on their cell phone conversation?)

2-Drivers who speed up to pass you on the road, only to get in front of you and then slow down.

3-Co-workers who leave the kitchen at work a filthy mess.

4-People who don't understand my love for my pets.

5-Upstairs neighbors who play their stereo at full bass blast all day long, knowing that I need to sleep during the day, because I work graveyard shift.
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People who put perfume on at work.

Breaking in new shoes (I got the cutest pair, but I think I'm going to need to wear them a few times before they are entirely comfortable).

People who pass, pull in front of you and SLOW DOWN!
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Working for a pesimistic owner and boss at work. Someone that constantly looks for things that you forgot to do, or highlight flaws in your work routine. A boss that quickly forgets anything that you may have done positive for the company but always remembers anything negative that you may have done in the past. I hate people like that.
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I thought of some more. People with NO PATIENCE at all. Cell phones in cars, people that eat while driving, women that put on makeup while driving, inconsiderate people at work that walk away from cigarettes burning in the ashtray knowing that you are a non smoker and have to smell it.
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1. People who slam the door of my car.

2. People who use the drive through at the bank to do all their bank business in one day.

3. I agree with whoever said someone who passes you and slows down.

4. You go to pass someone who is going 45 in a 55 zone and they speed up to 75. (usually men)

5. People who don't know how to control their children in a restaurant.
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I can't think of anything at the moment except when my husband leaves the toilet lid up...
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I agree with the toilet seat up( S/O does NOT do that anymore!)
People talking on cell phones while driving, My S/O's brother calling and and when the answering machine picks up, he will go"here kitty, here kitty" and then Hiss loudly into it(this one drove me over the edge! I screamed at him and told him if he couldn't call and leave a civil message then he didn't need to call),twofaced coworkers, holier then thou reginal managers,people who call my cats names, like ugly or stupid(they don't last long here) that's about all I think.
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People who are driving painfully slow and when you try to pass they speed up! Or around here, we have occasional 2 mile stretches for passing, you have 2 lanes. So youre going single lane behind Mr 54 MPH and when you get to the 2 lane he suddenly wants to race you and speeds like crazy. Wont let you pass unless you want to go 100MPH, then you get back to 1 lane with him still ahead of you and hes back to his slow 54MPH.
UGH! Maybe thats more than a pet peeve of mine because it makes me sooooo mad

People who eat while on the phone during a business call. Ew. I dont need to hear that smacking and chewing.

Employees of my clients who dont read the very simple, basic and straight-forward paperwork we send. Instead they call me and demand I read it to them spelling out every single minute detail to them.
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This is my toilet

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My number one pet peeve is when hubby is watching Tv and constantly flips the channels Put it on a channel and leave it would ya!!! Last night when my favorite show Sex & The City came on he started that with the remote I got mad enough to pop him on the arm with the other remote I had already whacked him before I even thought about it. Needless to say the TV wasn't changed again until my show went off
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Tamme! LMAO !!!!!!!!

I kept telling my bf to put the lid down but he kept forgetting (living with 3 guys for 5 years.. ) and finally I pasted a big RED note on the stereo which is sitting on the back lid of the toilet that says "TOILET SEAT! :-p " and since then he hasnt forgotten
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Hey, it only took me 2 years to train hubby to close the shower curtain after a shower....
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jcat--I just about died on "No, I'm the whore!" I've got to TRY that!

And ditto me on the calls that start with a computer saying "Please hold, we have a very important call for you...." I hang up immediately because I figure if it were truly important they'd be on the line already.

And people who insist on leaving a message for someone with you even though you've already told them you won't take a message (bill collectors are notorious for this).

People who leave public or work public places filthy. Can't they just clean up after themselves?

We also have a pet peeve that's ours only. Our assigned parking place is in front of another apartment and a little old Iraqi lady happens to live in that apartment. She's constantly telling us to move our car, albeit in Arabic so we can't understand. Once she said in English, "I go call police on you, okay?" I turned to her and said, "Fine! You do that, hon." And she promptly started ulullating at me. ARGH! Probably cursing me out in Arabic.
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Above all its drivers who insist on driving in the left lane of a 4 lane highway and go slow. I hate that soo much. Its for passing!!!
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1. People who missunderstand what I'm saying or have no sense of humour and pm to tell me about it
2. Legalism
3.Slow chineese drivers
4.Taxi drivers who don't shower
5.People who don't shower
6.Slow moving taffic

these are a few of my peeves.
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Huge people, who find the narrowest spot in a store, stop and have a conversation.

People who get to the top of an escalator and stand there, with people backing up behind them.

People driving 40 miles an hour, on the freeway during rush hour.
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i have a few > people who smell> people who are on welfare that just wont work> people who dont like animals> slow drivers> people who act like they are better than someone elese... thats enough i think
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People who walk into my house, sniff the breeze and exclaim, "I thought you said you had EIGHT CATS! Takes alot of work to maintain a delicate air in the house, but AREN'T THEY SURE WORTH IT???
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People who carry on conversation, in a foreign language, when you're part of the group. That is just plain rude.

Non-smokers who sit in the smoking section and then gripe about the smoke. Stay out of the smoking section!
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rude people.
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love the 'whore' suggestion and the picture of the chained toilet seat!!!

1. women who drive big SUVs or trucks and don't know how to drive them
2. people who just learn how to drive standard transmission and get stuck at the green light because they forgot the clutch
3. I'm part asian, so I usually defend my asians except when it comes to their driving
4. coming off a feeter and some redneck wants to speed up so that you can't get in front
5. out of towners who don't know where they are going
6. slow drivers in the wrong lane
7. tailgaters
8. blinkers left on
9. people involved with drunk driving accidents who don't have insurance
10. INS, the one in San Antonio, is the worst, the people who work there are foreigners themselves but want to be an a**
11. US Embassy in Bangladesh- tried three times to get my brother n law here for college, but the only reason they denied him was because they were having a bad day
12. mother n law and sister n law
13. at gatherings where I'm the only American and the conversation is in their language and they are talking about ME!!
14. any form of news media, CNN, CSPAN, etc
15. open cabinet doors
16. trails of cat litter
17. cold coffee or coffee that is not good
18. cold McDonalds fries
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frecking pop up's!!!
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I'm very picky about people and the clothes they wear...
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How about when you're walking and the person in front of you just stops? No good reason that you can see, they just stop. This includes people in stores or malls or on the sidewalk.

When it sounds like the people who live above you are dropping bowling balls. What? I had one family who knocked my smoke detector off the ceiling.

Some oriental/mexican drivers (some are really good, but there are those.....). Same goes for some older people.

Or how about the woman who's failed her DMV test 5 years in a row and she's taken it the maximum number of times each year and she still can't understand why she isn't supposed to drive. (this lady was in front of me at the DMV when I first moved to CA--I wonder if she's ever gotten her license?)

People who know there's a line behind them and instead of just leaving start chit-chatting with the counter person. ARGH!!!!!
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People who ignore the "no solicitors" sign over my doorbell. I do not want my house number painted on the curb, I have all of the magazine subscriptions that I need and if I want candy, I buy it at the store.

People who put on a gorgeous outfit and then ruin it with the wrong shoes. Birkenstocks do NOT go with a silk dress!
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