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pain in the popup!

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anyone know how to stop those annoying popups?

i never used to get them, i must have changed a setting somewhere along the line...

I get about 6 in a row every 15 minutes, and about 20 junk emails every day. viagra & diet pills, junk like that, always the same company, using different email addersses, and they send the same advert at least 4 times a day - oh it soooooooooooooo irritating, youve seen the add once, and thats not good enough they have to make you see it a thousand times!!!!!!!!!!!!

help help help - before i go out of my mind ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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I have a free pop up stopper by Panicware. It does the trick.
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i did try a popup stopper but it didnt stop them ! - quite a pointless bit of kit!
ill do a search for the free one you have suggested and give it a go -
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I have killpopup and firewall, I also set my internet properties, under privacy tab, to medium which blocks out third and first party. The only downside is that I can't access hotmail accounts, if I put the setting on low in order to access my hotmail then this stinking xupiter crap takes over and downloads programs/files without my permission. I really like my firewall, its neat to see who tries to get in through the backdoor subseven (which is how most popups get in) and it'll track the actual location of who is sending it, creepy and cool at the same time.
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I've got a real good pop-up stopper. The only pop-ups I get now are the ones that are a part of the site that I'm looking at.

I'll have to wait 'till Darrell wakes up to find out what it's called.

Whenever a pop-up tries to get through I get a quick buzz through the speakers.
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great thanks
btw your tigger looks just like my tabby!
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Pop up Killer!

i also have a brilliant programme for spam called spam inspector...
i got it .... free?
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