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cat suddenly stopped eating all wet food

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AFter literally months of trying to find a canned food Sven would eat, I found a couple he seemed to really like, and then, suddenly, just like that, he's refusing to even come near his dish. What could cause this?

A little background...he's 15, has CRF, never liked canned, even after having teeth pulled, never liked baby food, I have tried just about every canned food out there, different flavors, different brands from Evo to Fancy Feast and all in between, different varieties (pate, shredded, chunks, etc.).

Luckily, he's still eating his kibble alright, so he's not losing weight, but we're back to giving him his Cosequin and Miralax via syringe now because he won't touch his wet food, and he WAS eating it for a couple months with no problems. (and he won't eat his kibble with the Cosequin on it either, the rascal, but that's not new...he hates Fortiflora on his kibble too - must be a texture thing )
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It could be anything... With RB Kandie it was just a matter of wanting a flavor change( yes the first 13 yrs she ate the same dry and 2 flavors of wet)
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Well, he was eating a couple of different flavors, but now doesn't like ANY of them, and I've been trying some new ones again, and still nothing. I don't know what to do..don't think it's worth trying all the ones I've already tried, which is just about everything! But I HATE having to give him his "meds" via syringe, mainly because HE hates it!
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Nora does that. She'll go through a stage where she loves all the wet food I give her (she refuses anything with fish in it, though), and then she'll go MONTHS refusing to eat any of it. She goes back and forth. Right now we're in a stage of willing to eat it. Even still, she will only eat 1/4-1/3 of a can at a time, and most times she won't even finish that.

I think Thomas is going to be like her, but luckily Walter LOVES wet food. He actually would rather eat only wet food, but I don't think we can afford that.
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I guesd im lucky considering the issues you both are having. Schweppie is crf and will not eat 2cans of the same food. Have you tried almo nature or weruva foods? Both are yummy and always get my cat and the cats of clients to whom i suggest these foods to eat. Just to get them eating again. The almo nature is part of schweppie's rotation as is natural balances limited ingredient foods and k/d and now holistic selects. I feed him the weruva foods when he is especially picky. Its probably not the best but with crf you have to balance feeding the right food vs getting them to eat. Try rotating differrnt foods. Or you try putting some kibble in the food.
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I honestly don't know if I've tried either of those two foods you mentioned or not, just know I've tried a bunch of different ones (some VERY expensive) and can tell you that no one in this household will even come near the Naturall Balance Limited Ingredients, and I've tried putting some kibble on top, and then he looks at me like "why did you just waste perfectly good kibble?"
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