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Missy Hissy Found!

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Well she was hiding in the closet under a raised shoe rack! Of course, she hissed at me violently and growled! I put a bowl of water and food next to her and she started chowing down big time! So I just left her. I'm taking Hissy's advice and am going to just pretty much ignore her. I wanted to make sure she was ok and eating/drinking though.

I went back to check on her a while later and she had come out of the closet and was sitting at the edge of it. I slowly offered her my hand and she sniffed it and then licked it a little bit. I'm leaving it at that and now I will give her some space and just peek in periodically.

Miss Henrietta just fits right in and is a joy! My daughter, Rachel is already attached to her. I haven't introduced her and Peaches yet as I am following Hissy's instruction on introducing new cats. But I think they will be marvelous friends!
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oh that's good news! Sounds like she will come around.
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Holy Cow I missed everything! Fill me in!
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Originally posted by DragonLady
Holy Cow I missed everything! Fill me in!
Hey Teresa! I came back late last night! Everything is in the "I'm Back" thread and I'll bump it for you. I don't know how to link to a thread or I'd do that for you!

I came back with 2 Persian babies. Henrietta is apricot and Missy Hissy (not sure if that will be her official name yet or not), who is a beautiful calico persian. Missy is frightened and her world has been turned upside down in less then a week. Maybe I should have put this thread with the other one. But I figured a lot of people will read it once and not go back. Sorry!

Oh... also, my car blew up on the way home and I'm trying to sort all that out.
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What exciting news!!!!! whoohoooo
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Just give it some time.....they will all come around. Show us some pictures ASAP!
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