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cat problems..will 2 solve it

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ok I have tried all suggestions to get my cat to quit kneading my head at night. He has now gone on to my arms, after unsuccessful attempts by me to cover my head. What do you think of the plastic cat tips? ALso if I got another cat do you think he would be better? How much harder is 2 cats than one? What about the litter box smell is it harder? Someone in my area has a siamese ragdoll to give away, But I am afraid hubby wont like that much! I would just get a kitten someone is giving away but I am afraid of diseases after losing first baby! So what to do?? Help me I look like I have been lost in a briar bush!
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How about keeping your cat closed in another room at night when you sleep? So far Ive been keeping my cats in my den/downstairs bathroom area. They have a nice amount of room to stay in with all their amenities (and a window cracked open which they love).

I went from 0 cats to 2 cats overnight, and its not as hard as I expected. They keep eachother company pretty well when Ive been gone, and the litter boxes arent too bad. Ive been scooping them out about 2 times a day right now, but I think thats because I got 2 small boxes. If I had gotten the bigger size I probably would only have to scoop once a day.

As for work, its not much. But its twice the lovin!
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our house is kinda small well not really but most of it is open living area, bedrooms and the bath are only ones with doors he meows so loud if we dont let him in we cant sleep that way either..I love him but I also need some sleep without him scratching me to death!
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I don't think your kitty will give up loving you at night. This is a comfort thing and so I would just get the soft paws. Have you been trimming the kitties nails?

Another optian is to move your kitty to your belly and pet it there. Or put a stuffed animal under the claws and re-direct the affection to it. This way you are not rejecting your kitties love just re-directing it.
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