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Location, location!

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Just trying to get to know some of you more..
Where are you originally from? Where do you live now (if you have moved!)? If you dont want to be specific maybe you could name the closest big city?

I will answer since Im being nosey
Im originally from St. Paul, Minnesota. I now live in a small town about an hour from Minneapolis.
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I'm originally from a small town in South Texas but for the last 4 years I've lived in Tucson, Az.
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I live in Kennedy NY have for the last 10 years.
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Citrus Heights California, I was born in Sacramento, moved to Ocala Florida when I was 10 then back to CA when I was 19.
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I was born in Columbus, Nebraska.
Moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado when I was 18 months old, lived there until college.
Went to college is Seward, Nebraska, about 30 miles west of Lincoln.
After college, moved to Lakewood, Colorado, a western subburb of Denver, and still live here. Lived in Lakewood for 8 years now.
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born and raised in NYC! moved to Athens Ohio, then Here Iowa, about 45 minutes from Davenport.
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here ya go, we did this awhile ago

Where have you lived?
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Born and raised in the Bay Area, California
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As a kid I lived in Dothan, AL, we are a military family and we have lived in Alabama, Germany for 6 years, Lousiana, Ft. Benning, GA, Korea, and numerous places in Georgia. Currently we live in Savannah, GA area, near Ft. Stewart, Ga. This is the longest we have lived in one place ever. We have been here for about 8 years now.
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Thanks for the extra link Hissy
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Originally from San Diego, CA. I now live in the Los Angeles area.
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Northwest Arkansas here!
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I'm a little bit further afield. I am from Liverpool, England, originally but have lived in Oxford, Scotland and Kent and now back in the North West of England.


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I was born in Linden. Next we lived in Raumati South,
Ten moved to Papakowhai, then to Plimmerton and then to Ranui Heights and now we are living in Whitby.

All these places are in the Wellington District in New Zealand.
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I live in Belfast. Always have apart from going to cardiff in wales to university.
I have got through to the final satges of the Visa lottery, so I may be moving to the US some time this year!
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Victoria, B.C., Canada for the past 13 years.
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Scranton, Pennsylvania (=
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I was born and raised in Thomasville GA. Thomasville is 35 miles above the Florida State Line and 42 miles from the Captial of FL. which is Tallahassee.
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I was born in Midland, Michigan. Moved to Traverse City Michigan when I was 20 years old. I lived there until I moved here to Salt Lake City 5 years ago (I was almost 40).
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I pass through Thomasville pretty often when visiting my relatives in Alabama. Its 2 hours from there, we always stop there and rest a bit on the way.
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Kingston Upon Thames to be precise....
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I was born in Ohio....Moved to Boston Mass.....then NYC and now in a small town, Sebring Fl. 2 hours away from Orlanda.
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Born and raised in Israel Lived for 6 years in Jerusalem and later in a town called Netanya by the coast. When I moved in with my DH we lived for 3 years in Tel Aviv. Now we live in a small town called Pardes Hana. It's 10 minutes away from the beach, next to the ancient city of Ceasaria.
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I am further north than my colleague in Cheshire - UK - am a Yorkshireman born and bred - born in Leeds - live in Leeds - work in leeds - follow manchester united ( not all daft). Married a Humberside lass!

Drinker of the Old peculiar beer
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Hi Kev

What cats do you have?

You would be better following Liverpool
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Born and raised in Chicago Illinois.... Now living in Springfield Illinois.
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two torties - Brandy and Vicki - Vicki was on that pet rescue come homing thing on tv! Very soft, very daft and somewhat like their owner! Brandy is a tabby and vicki is black and white. My mum has my other one - Woody - called that as he was left abandoned in a wood. Hes a lean mean machine but has to be around 17 but fitter than me and is jet black - albeit for those few little white hairs on his chest - I think they were put there as an after thought!

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Born, raised, and still residing in Mid-Michigan.
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