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New Cat - New Problems :(

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Hi, Yesterday my wife and I adopted Trinity, an 11 month old black girl. We adopted from a no-kill shelter that we are familiar with and was told that she was originally brought in as a kitten and then was adopted but brought back after a couple months with the owners complaining she was "too shy"! She looked to be in good health and had seen a vet recently and had all shots up to date. The only thing I noticed was some dander and matted hair on her back just in front of the tail. Even after one brushing it was looking alot better.

We placed her in a bathroom off our bedroom with a necessary supplies, food, a bed, and a covered litter box.

We would play with her for about 5-10 minutes every hour and within a few hours should would greet us upon entry and show us plenty of affection, however she would still go lay behind the toliet when she seemed to have 'enough'.

We brought her home around noon, by 6pm she hadn't gone the bathroom yet. Around 8pm I noticed a very small puddle of what looked like water just outside the litter box. After cleaning it up I took the hood off the box and moved it in the bathtub. While playing with her she must have gone again because I found another wet spot, although this time too it looked like water and had no smell (to me), near she went before.

I moved the un-hooded litter box back near its original position, and she checked it out but had little interest.

Throughout this time she would eat small amounts of her dry food, but we did not observe her drinking any water.

She had no problems throuout the night, and this morning I hoped to find she had a bowel movement but I found a clean litter box, and nothing on the tile floor.

So far I have a few ideas, one is that we are using a scented clumping litter and she had unscented clay litter before, so she doesn't like the strong scent from the litter. However she did walk around and actually laid in the clean litter a couple times so I know she is not completely averted to it.

Another idea is she is just stressed out from everything and might be a little backed up or apprehensive.

Finally I'm thinking she might be sick/ill with something as her favorite place to rest (when not playing with us or being petted) is behind the toliet, so maybe she is not feeling too good. Its hard for me to tell because she is a new cat to us and we are under the assumption that shyness is part of her behavior.

We left her with some fresh food and water and a couple toys while we are at work today. We also left the radio on a classical station in the bedroom so its not so quiet in there. When I get home if she hasn't had a BM or wet then I'll be calling the vet. If she has, but it is outside the box I'm going to make a trip to the store for another litter box and some unscented litter.

I just wanted to post this here to see if anyone else conferred or had any other ideas or suggestions.

Thank you!
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I'm impressed you seem to have a good agenda for today! Some cats will not go to the bathroom right away because they are in a new/strange place. I hope you find something when you get home from work.

It seems like she is a bit shy but I am sure with the amount of love I know you're going to give her she will open up in no time!

Good luck!
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Hopefully everything is looking good when you get home, and she's just being a shy girl. And congrats on your new addition!
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We got home and she still did not go so we had called the vet and were lucky enough to get an appointment only 15mins away! The vet checked her out and said she would have to go soon but didn't appear to have any distress or other problems.

This morning we were happy to find that not only did she go, she used the litter box!
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Hurray, Hope you two have many long years together.
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congrats, my Roxy also took a while to go when she came to a new place!!!!
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Please don't take this wrong but this just struck me as funny....

Aren't we all the mom's and dad's, talking about baby poop!?!?!?

Congratulations on your new addition!
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